Save our Water!

Texas Drought by Gary V. and Stephen S

WHERE does Texas' water come from?

Most of Texas water comes from reservoirs and ground water. Texas lakes and reservoirs are drying up and 97% of the state is going through a serious drought. Texas has only receives 67% of their average rain this year. If the drought effects the entire state like in the 1950's we can lose about $116 billion dollars and over a million jobs. If we keep using up water like we are now, we will run out of water by the year 2040.

How does daily water usage impact the local and global ecology?

The usage of daily water is a mandatory thing for society. Whether it's taking a shower, brushing your teeth, or doing the laundry. Society is only left 8% of the fresh water for daily use. That is a small percentage for how many people need fresh water every day. Water is mainly used for agriculture and crops and prices of food will rise the more water becomes so valuable.

How and why should Texas water be conserved?

Water can be conserved by many individuals by just being cautious about how much water they use. They can make sure to turn the water off and not let it run while they brush their teeth, or limit the time they take showers. Texas can reuse waste water by cleaning it and cut the use of water on agriculture. Finding new underground water will help but can also cost a lot of money. Texas must use these methods to conserve water or else the economy will go down and the one thing that everyone is entitled to will become a very valuable thing. This drought can tear us apart in many ways and must be addressed.