Spring Break Takes a Dark Turn!

The many tragedies that occur over Spring Break.

Chairman Netero's Valiant Death

Trouble concerning the Chimera Ants has been steadily rising. So, to put an end to the destruction they cause, the Hunter Corporation has answered the call of heroes. A team of Pro Hunters led by Chairman Isaac Netero siezed the King Chimera Ant's 'castle', fighting in a 30-minute battle to take control and successfully dispose of the King. The surviving Hunters revealed that Netero took it upon himself to fight in a one-on-one battle with the King. No one knows what happened during the battle, but it is said that it ended with a deadly explosion caused by a banned explosive known as the "Miniature Rose". The explosion successfully eradicated the King. Rest in peace, Netero, and know that your sacrifice was not in vain.
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Chairman Isaac Netero versus the Chimera Ant King in a final battle.

Kurta Clan Massacre

Everyone knows that the Kurta Clan holds a dangerous bloodline. Each Kurta inherits the Scarlet Eyes, eyes that, once the bearer is provoked and their emotions heightened, turn the most brilliant scarlet anyone has ever seen. Because of this, many collectors wish to obtain these eyes for their own, meaning they'll go to dangerous lengths to get what they want. Recently, it was shown that they indeed went too far. A wandering traveler happened upon a Kurta camp, and much to her horror, she found that all of 128 members were brutally killed. Most had their eyes ripped from their sockets and their heads decapitated. Their bodies were shown to have been horribly mutilated, showing their resistance and torture. It is presumed that the infamous bandit group, the Phantom Troupe, is to blame. There was a crudely written message left from the perpetrators at the scene of the crime. "We reject no one, so take nothing from us."
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The message left by the Phantom Troupe after they massacred the Kurta clan.

Invention Allows Travel Between Worlds

Aspiring inventor and artist, Erica Rose, has been working her whole life to create a portal that would take her to another world. It isn't just any world, though. She wants to go to the worlds we'd previously percieved as "fictional". And recently, she has achieved her dream. Erica has finally created a successful transportation device that can take you to any fictional world you desired. Currently, she is trying to mass produce this invention so that all may enjoy it as she does, but until then, she is using her invention to give everyone their desired wish of moving into the world of their dreams. Way to go, Erica!
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Erica's world-transporter invention.