Nicole Robinette

Fast Facts


Capital: Ankara


Area:302,535 square miles

Main language:Turkish

Main Religion:Muslim

Distance from Capital to Washington D.C.:5,437.62 miles

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Gestures and Respect

For "No" they can either shake their head or lift their head up quickly. You cannot smoke without permission. It's very rude to cross your legs when in the presence of an elder or a person of superior leadership. It is considered improper to eat on the streets if your an adult.

What they Eat

The Turkish people are famous for their meze with grape leaves, salad, or shrimp. They have many different types of dessert. Bakla,a syrup dipped pastry, muhallebi, milk pudding, and kahve, a Turkish coffee driken a lot.Breakfast isn't very big usually tea, white cheese, bread and butter, and honey. Dinner is the main meal there are several courses with mainly lamb and rice. Breakfast is at 7 am, Lunch is at noon, and Dinner is at 7 pm. L would definitely like to go to one of their restaurants.
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Turkey has a variety of holidays. Some of the official holidays are, New years (January 1st), Youth and sports day (may 19th). Also Victory day (August 30th), National sovereity day and Children's day (April 23rd). Republic day (October29th), and the anniversary of Ataturk's death. There are also some state holidays.


Turkish people love soccer. There are, however many other sports they participate in. For example, volleyball, bad minton, handball, table tennis, basketball, swimming; cycling, snow skiing, and other things. Golf is becoming quite popular in turkey. There is an interesting sport they do called camel wrestling also they play cirit where they try to hit each other with sticks. I think it would be fun to go to a soccer game or even camel wrestling.


Women usually knit and watch TV. Kids/teens watch TV, dine out, go to the movies, and hangout with friends. Men go to teahouses (like cafes), watch TV, and participate in folk dances. Family picnics are generally common, they gather with family and friends. They usually play games like chess and checkers