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There are many different factors and challenges to consider when planning for your funeral. There are of course your own individual wishes, as well as the wishes of your family. To make things even more struggle-some there are the wishes of your culture as well. Then finally you need to take into consideration the expense factors behind your wishes. Planning a funeral is a daunting task and we at Eternal Rest Funeral Home are here to make your funeral plans as simple, cost effective, and tailored to your wishes as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you choose what kind of funeral you would like?

Funerals should be tailored to your needs and wishes. At Eternal Rest Funeral Home we specialize in meeting the your needs. Whether or not you are religious you are free to arrange for the type of service that best fits your needs. We can schedule a priest, pastor, or leader to read and provide any form of service you require. Popular options include the Bible, the Koran, the Torah or simply a poem. If you do choose to have a casket burial you may choose to either have an open or closed casket. Would you rather be cremated? Would you prefer to have your finger print or your ashes preserved in jewelry?

If I select the option to be buried in a casket, how do I decide what to be buried in? What can I be buried with?

Many people choose to be buried in their best dress clothes. Others are members of the military and are expected to be buried in their formal military clothes. Or perhaps they are a member of a religious sisterhood or brotherhood they may be required to be buried in their best work clothes. Some may even have a favorite outfit that they prefer to be laid to rest in. There is no one dress code fits all, at Eternal Rest Burial Home the options are endless.

My family's preferences are different than my own, who will have the say?

One of the advantages of planning your funeral ahead of time is having time to think through your decisions and plan ahead. Ultimately you are planning your funeral you are the one responsible for making it the way you want it to be. If family wishes outweigh your wishes then by all means you can make the funeral tailored to how they would like it to be. If your family expects your to be embalmed and buried in a casket and you wish to follow that then that is perfectly fine. If your family expects you to be cremated we can certainly oblige to your family's wishes. Ultimately however, the responsibility lies on you as you are planning for your funeral.

I grew up in a religious home, can you tailor my funeral to meet my faith's requirements?

Absolutely! Our goal at Eternal Rest Funeral Home is to meet your needs! There is not one religion we cannot accommodate. We do understand that each religion has their own special requirements and guidelines. Catholics are traditionally buried in a casket however, cremation can be done as well. "Cremation is permitted in the Catholic Church, but it is preferred that cremation take place after the funeral rites with the body" (Catholic Diocese of Memphis Tennessee, n.d., p. 3). A great wealth of information be found regarding Catholic funeral requirements by following this link: Scientologists tend to prefer to be cremated. In Scientology the focus is not so much on the death and loss but rather the next chapter off life. "A Scientology funeral ceremony helps the departed end this chapter of life and move forward to the next" (Hubbard, 2016). For further information regarding the beliefs of Scientologists in regards to funeral planning please follow the link here:

I have heard that cremation is more economic than burial in a casket; is that true?

Historically that has been the generalization, however with the advanced options available for cremation the cost is roughly the same as it is to being buried in a casket. "When all the hidden costs are added in, Sheri Richardson Stahl, director of Island Funeral Home in Beaufort, S.C., explained that “plenty of times, cremations are just as expensive as burials.” Unless “Direct Cremation” is chosen" (Kornblouth, 2012). If you would like further information regarding the debate between cremation and burial I invite you to please review the material listed in this link:


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