Gator Weekly

With great power comes great responsibility....

The week ahead.....which is Week 29!

Look fors this week.................2nd round of documented walk thrus will be completed!!

Monday, April 11

Meeting at admin @ 9 Bragg

Reading Festival at CTHS @ 5:00

Tuesday, April 12

Aspire @ 9:00 Bragg

Wednesday, April 13

ARD @ 11:55

ARD @ 1:30

Thursday, April 14

TSR II and III due

Last day for appraisals

Budget meeting at admin @ 2:00 Bragg

Cinderella @ 6:30

Friday, April 15


Coming up.........

April 20 Math visit @ 8:30 Dr. Chadwell @ 1:00

April 21 PTA meeting @ 6:30

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It's been another great week in the land of the Gators!

Thanks to Amber, Heather and Jeannie for stepping up to coordinate UIL this year! Thanks also to everyone who helped coach! Our students did a great job and were very excited to have this opportunity. Next year we are hoping to have students in 2nd - 5th compete so start thinking about how you might be involved. It's been a lot of fun!

Thanks to Kindergarten for creating a cute bulletin board in B hall!

Thanks to Kindergarten for working so diligently on writing with Angela Kennedy!

Thanks to everyone for helping out with the Gator Run. It was a great day! Thanks to Lance and Ashley for organizing things.

Exciting things I saw this week - interesting patterns in Number Corner, students analyzing media, great sharing of ideas, some very perceptive scientists, Kindergarten teachers observing a model lesson, an amazing igloo, lots of 5th grade students participating in the weekly incentive for no absences/tardies Woohoo!

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Things to do....

Complete TSR parts II and III.

Book Study: May 4 "Rigor Made Easy" May 18 "Passion Driven Classroom" May 25 "Smartest Kids in the World"

***CHALLENGE: share more of yourself and your effective practices through a tweet, a post, a blog.........

We will be passing around the watering can so that everyone can help with watering the flowers out front!

Don't forget you need to be working on your gifted and talented hours!

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Weekly academic vocabulary words


noun: the greatest amount or number than something can hold or contain

noun: the ability to do something


noun: a condition, fact or occurrence that affects an event or situation

Weekly positive character trait


having good manners, treating others with respect

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What I'm Reading

Out of Our Ken Robinson

Campus Instructional Focus

After analysis of our campus data, our instructional focus will be to improve our students’ ability to clearly communicate their thinking through writing across all content areas.

We carry the torch for EMSISD!


The mission of Eagle Mountain Saginaw ISD and Greenfield Elementary is to foster a culture of excellence that instill a passion for a lifetime of continuous achievement in every student.


The vision of Greenfield Elementary is to create a physically and emotionally safe environment where every student can engage in challenging, integrated, and collaborative learning in order to become respectful, resourceful and responsible citizens in an ever-changing, diverse world.


Striving for the best, we rise above the rest.

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