December Tornado Technology

A Newsletter for 5th - 12th Grade Teachers

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The Hour of Code is this Week!

Several teachers at CHS, CMS and WES have signed up to participate in The Hour of Code this week. Simply pick a day for your students to participate and select a coding activity form That's it. Thanks for your participation! Those of you participating please let me know when. We have media who want to see this exciting first exposure to coding for many of our students!

Technology Goals

Vanessa (CHS) and Beth (CMS, WES) will be visiting each teacher throughout the district to find out how we can best help you reach your technology goals. Your principals will be sharing more information with you at your next faculty meeting (or you can get a head start by clicking this link). It will start with a three minute survey we will do together. After you've completed the survey, you will use our YouCan Book Me websites to book a fifteen minute session to set technology goals and brainstorm ways that we can help. We are excited to work with each of you one-on-one.

Do You Know There are 43 Apps Installed On All Student Chromebooks

Here's How You Find Them

Pinned Apps are what appear on the bottom left side of the student chromebooks, but there as SO many others they have access to! In the lower left there is an icon to the left of the pinned apps. If you click here the other apps will appear! Please let students know these apps exist. If you find something in the webstore you would like to see added, please contact me.
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Cyber Security News

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CyberheistNews Vol #5 #38 Sept 1, 2015

Scam Of The Week: Drowned Syrian Boy

Lowlifes are exploiting the recent picture of three-year-old Syrian boy Alyan Kurdi. He drowned while attempting to reach Greece with his family and other refugees.

The picture is used for a variety of scams, Facebook spammers to start with. Their goal is to get as many Facebook likes as possible for their pages, which are called "like-farming scams". Followers are used later for other nefarious uses and sold to marketing firms. This Scam Of The Week focuses on the tactic “1share = 1prayer” which tricks people into sharing the post. I would send the following to your users:

"Scam Of The Week: Edited pictures of a three-year-old Syrian boy Alyan Kurdi. He drowned while attempting to reach Greece with his family and other refugees. Lowlifes use it in several scams, from phishing attacks trying to trick you into charitable gifts at bogus sites to scams on Facebook that use “1share = 1prayer” tactics, but later sell your information to other scammers. Remember, any time you see shocking news that tries you make you do anything, Think Before You Click!"

Makerspaces are Still Transforming

Look for a Grand Opening of the Makerspace at CHS sometime after break. This doesn't mean the Makerspace isn't open now, it is! But several special events will mark the official opening of the space. If you haven't been in the Makerspace at CHS, go take a look!

CMS Makerspace has been up and running for sometime already (Great job Mrs. Manhart). More work on how to tie your lesson content to the makerspace is being developed!

WES Makerspace has added some much needed storage. Additional materials for "making" are in the plans to make this space more usable for all content areas. If you need ideas on how to connect the makerspace to your content area contact me! Come by the CHS Makerspace on Thursday to see a demo of a laser printer!

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The Research Behind the Classroom Sound System

Are you wondering why your small classroom and or loud voice might benefit from a classroom sound system? It's not about volume, it's about student learning. "

Here are just a few of many sources that explain the research.

The Journal

There are many possible interventions that can occur when a child performs poorly in school, but one that can be easily overlooked is a hearing check. Yet a growing body of research indicates hearing loss--even a minimal amount--can have a dramatic effect on everything from attention and behavior to academic performance. At the same time, data indicates, and experts in the field believe, that the introduction of sound reinforcement and sound amplification systems can help with this problem.

Education Week

Classrooms can be noisy places. Any teacher who leaves work with a sore throat knows this, and research from audiologists and speech-language pathologists backs it up.

But because people can’t see noise—the rumble of trucks and cars outside a window, the whoosh of a heating and air-conditioning system, the squeak of chairs and desks sliding across tiled floors—eliminating noisy distractions gets short shrift when educators are thinking of ways to improve student performance, some researchers believe.

They suggest that classroom-amplification systems are needed for all students. In the most sophisticated of such systems, teachers wear microphones that project their voices to speakers strategically placed around their classrooms. These “soundfield” systems, usually about $1,000 a classroom, provide a smoother, louder sound with little reverberation and no feedback.

In fact, research has shown that classroom amplification can improve standardized test scores by 10 percent.*

A Study of Classroom Amplification Systems in 21st Century ...

A few teachers have expressed an interest in completing the Google Educators Training (levels 1 and/or level 2) or Google Trainer training. If you would like to work with others who are likewise interested. Please fill out this short survey, and I'll try to group you with teachers who are also interested in completing this training. Click on the title link about to find out more. We will start meeting after break!
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Clinton Public Schools Technology Department

Integration Specialists You Can Book Me Pages

Use this site to plan a one-on-one visit with any of our tech specialists

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