CTY NYC Parent Newsletter

Summer 2014, Session 2 - Week 1

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Dear CTY NYC Families,

It has been a pleasure welcoming a new group of students to our CTY-NYC site. Registration feels like a distant memory even after just one week. In such a short time, students have transformed empty classrooms into active work spaces with major class projects already underway. Deep discussions about a wide array of topics are abound inside our classrooms. We are delighted to witness budding friendships and students engaged in diverse recreational activities during the afternoon.

We continue to be thankful for your partnership in making the remaining two weeks a resounding success. Ensuring timely arrivals, adhering to established site procedures, and communicating changes to your student’s schedule in a timely manner are all appreciated. Additionally, given the intensity of a CTY course, it is best if students are present for all scheduled days of the program. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to us. We look forward to working with you over the remainder of the program.


Shawn Chisty, Site Director

From the Dean of Students

The first week of second session was fantastic. The students are really enjoying their enriching classes, and getting plenty of opportunities to socialize and have fun during activity time. You may have heard about four-square, bracelet making, or perhaps the knock-out basketball tournament, or maybe even sing along with our resident mandolin player. Regardless of the activity the students are enjoying themselves and making new friends.

Next week our PAs are planning a Harry Potter-themed week. There are many exciting games and creative projects in the works. Some of the more notable adventures in store are Quidditch, wand making, wizards' duel, and class crest making. Wednesday will be "Dress as Your Favorite Harry Potter Character" day, and the week will culminate with a site-wide Yule Ball (afternoon dance).

We are all very excited to be working with your talented children and look forward to the upcoming weeks and all the great experiences they will bring.


Nate Johnson, Dean of Students
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From the Academic Counselor

Happy first week of CTY Session 2! The energy here on our first few days is evident amongst students and staff members. Friendships are beginning to bloom and connections are forming. I have had a chance to visit each classroom as well as activity time, and the teamwork and connections were observed right off the bat! The smiles I see every morning and throughout the day tell us that the students are enjoying their time here at CTY NYC.

Please do not hesitate to contact me via email- ctynycacademiccounselor@gmail.com or contact the main office with any questions or concerns!


Alexis Mele, Academic Counselor

From the Academic Dean

It has been a privilege to see students in action in the classrooms, fully engaged in our multifaceted and rigorous academic program. Whether it be poring over the daily newspaper to look for the latest international news; trekking to Central Park for a bottle-rocket launch; composing inductive and deductive persuasive papers to encourage CTY to acquire an animatronic triceratops; using forensic science to solve the case of a murdered Elmo; sharing book recommendations and participating in a writer’s workshop—this session’s students are plunging into the course material and taking full advantage of enriching academic opportunities.

After a packed Week 1, we look forward to all the stimulating classroom activities instructors have planned for Week 2. Students have done so much already, and they’ve only just begun!

Enjoy the weekend!

Walker Rutter-Bowman, Academic Dean

Some Class Highlights

In the Labs

If there's a mystery afoot, the EXAM students are on it, tackling the situation with forensic science. This week they examined a "crime scene," did some fingerprinting, and dusted for latent prints. Meanwhile, Be a Scientist! students and Edible World students conducted experiments of their own, including one to determine the nutrients in different foods.

In the Classrooms

Students in United Nations Advanced Geography class learned about maps in a whole new way by drawing their own on grapefruit skins. Meanwhile, students in Writing and Reading Workshop designed a game based on The Westing Game, and our Introduction to Robotics students are already testing out their own creations.

Report from the Workshop

Today, Writing and Reading Workshop reflected on The Westing Game, which we read this week, by creating board games using "clues" (it's a murder mystery!) from the book such as key details, characters, and events to make question cards. One game was styled after Monopoly and the other after Trivial Pursuit, but the students had final creative say over the rules. The games are fun and colorful, and chock full of this week's daily active reading! - Adam Pellegrini, Instructor

In the Park

Central Park is the setting for daily afternoon activities including soccer, a Human Statues activity, and Huckle Buckle - a site favorite. This week, students from the Science and Engineering class also visited the park to launch their own rocket designs.

From the Health Office

Hello CTY Parents!

Please continue to pack plenty of water and snacks for your child.

As a reminder, CTY NYC is a nut-sensitive site. We have a number of students on site who have serious food allergies. Children with food allergies can have life-threatening reactions when exposed to even tiny amounts of allergens, therefore we ask all parents to refrain from sending any foods containing peanuts/tree nut products to school.

If your child has food allergies, please remind your child not to trade food with other children and not to eat anything with unknown ingredients.

Contact Us!

You can always reach the CTY Main Office by phone or email. Please continue to inform us of any changes in your child's attendance.