Modern Texas

Kyleigh Rhodes

World War 1

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United States Army

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Worlds War 1 was the first war where they used airplanes to a significant extent

President Wilson

President Wilson asked Congress to declare war on Germany. He was mad that Germany was offering to return Texas land to Mexico, and how Germany had sunk and killed American citizens.

Colonel Edwards M. House

He was one of President Wilson's most trusted advisor. He helped write the terms of the peace treaty that followed the war.

Countries Involved in War

Allies: United States, Britain, France, Russia, Italy

Central Powers: Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria

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What caused the US to enter WW 1

In May, a German submarine sank a British steamship with Americans citizens on it. This made America mad. Also when the coded message from Germany to Mexico was intercepted President Wilson was informed. Germany was asking Mexico to side with them in the war, and offered Texas back to Mexico. President Wilson told Congress and together declared war on Germany,

How did Texas play an important role during the war?

Texas became an important role in the war for the US because soon after we declared war, we had to train and equip soldiers. Texas became the place to do that. Recruits trained to be soldiers at camps near Fort Worth, Waco, Houston, and San Antonio.

How did World War 1 end?

Germany surrendered on November 11, 1918. The other countries agreed to stop fighting because terms of peace were negotiated. Finally, the Allied Nations and Germany signed the Treaty of Versailles officially ending the war.

Great Depression

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Many people were left homeless after the Great Depression began. Everyone was without money and jobs.
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After everyone lost their jobs people began advertising. This little kid is going around wondering who could give his dad a job.

Herbert Hoover

When Herbert Hoover took office as president the economy was thriving. He encouraged them to buy stocks in the stock market. As the stocks rose, their investment seemed like a guarantee. On October 29, 1929, the day came known as Black Tuesday, stock prices fell dramatically. Investors were unable to repay their loans and banks went out of business. Everyone blamed Herbert Hoover for persuading them to buy in the stock market and now they had no money.
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How did RDF pull the US out of the Great Depression?

He quickly launched the New Deal. They were domestic programs aimed to fix problems brought on by the Depression. Included relief for the poor, jobs for the unemployed, recovery to the economy, and economic reforms to prevent another depression forming.

What caused the Dust Bowl and how did it affect farmers?

In the Great Plains there were record high temperatures and severe droughts. When the wheat plants died, there was nothing to keep the soil in place. When the wind picked up the soil it formed huge dust storms. The blowing seeped into homes and killed livestock. Many farmers gave up or abandoned their land.

Which New Deal programs were important to Texas?

The Federal Emergency Relief Administration gave money to state and local agencies to distribute directly to unemployed people. Formed to create jobs for the unemployed. The Civilian Conservation Corps was established to hire young men to work on public projects that would preserve natural resources or improve public life.

How were tenant farmers and miners affected by the Great Depression?

The New Deal helped form cooperatives that could borrow money to bring electricity to an area. Instead of relying on hand powered machines and lamps, farmers could use electricity to pump water and light homes.

World War 2

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This picture shows the end of the war. It shows the surrender of the Nazis.
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Shows when the war started and then ended

Leonard Roy Harmon of Cuero

He was also at Pearl Harbor when the surprise attack occurred. He received a Navy Cross for his bravery He was killed shielding a shipmate from gunfire using his own body.

Sailor Dorie Miller

Was an African American sailor who was serving on the West Virginia in Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked December 7th. Although he was not a trained shooter, he got onto the deck and started arming. He shot down one or more warplanes.


Axis Powers- Germany, Italy, Japan

Allies- Britain, US, France

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How did Texas contribute to the nation's military effort in fighting in World War 2?

Thousands of Texans joined the military and army. Military bases and armed services were built across the state because of it's geography and climate. Many women also contributed in the army, although they were not allowed to fight. Many Texans learned how to fly military planes and were sent to combat.

How did life change for Texans on the home front during World War 2?

The scale of the war required huge amounts of resources and supplies. Texans at home worked to provide these materials necessary for the troops. As more and more men were going into combat, women had to take over the jobs at home. Women learned how to be mechanics at naval bases.

How did World War 2 end?

When the Allied forces entered Germany, they discovered that millions of innocent Jews were put in extermination camps, this is known as the Holocaust. More fighting remained in the Pacific. American forces neared Japan because they would not surrender. In August 1945, America dropped an atomic bomb in Japan in hopes that they would surrender. Tens of thousands dies, but still refused. American forces dropped another atomic bomb, this day is marked a V-J Day. The long war was finally over.