Literacy Grouping Formats

Interest-based Groups Versus Ability-based Groups


The purpose for this study is to determine if students are more engaged in reading when they are placed in interest-based groups rather than ability-based groups. Many schools are solely grouping students based on their reading achievement and not experimenting with more mixed-ability groupings, such as interest-based groups. My hope is that this research study will give the students more of a voice on their views/feelings about groups they are placed in throughout the school day and what changes can we make to better understand and support students when it comes to daily grouping patterns.

What does the current research say?

There is an abundance of research on using a small group format and on using ability-based reading groups. (Check out research done by Elbaum & Moody, Elbaum & Vaughn, Wilkinson & Fung). However there is limited research on the use of small heterogeneous groups that are created on interests rather than ability. Therefore, I concluded that more research needs to be done on a different grouping format and created this research proposal focused on student engagement in interest-based reading groups versus ability-based reading groups.

Here's How The Study Would Work

"Every child should have an opportunity to learn in a positive environment, to enjoy the learning process, and feel comfortable and content within it." - Barry Saide