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NEWSLETTER | TERM 2 | WEEK 4 | 20 May 2022

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Message from Geordie

Good afternoon everyone,

Well, it would be safe to say that our Walk to School Day did not have the most appropriate weather today, however, I would like to congratulate the families who braved the conditions, rugged up and made the soggy trip to school! You are far better than me, I snoozed my alarm and went back to sleep instead of riding this morning!

Our week at school has been a rewarding one for me as I have been interviewing families for Kindy 2024. We are close to being full in our 2023 class now and the word is well and truly out there about our amazing community! I would like to thank our parents for their kind words recently too, I have had many new families arriving at our school on your recommendation.

This week, teachers have also been meeting with our Leadership Team to discuss how their English and Maths Blocks are structured, how they are using data to group students and report to parents and how they are using some of our new resources to differentiate and engage students in the curriculum. These changes are now evident in our classrooms, and I have enjoyed all of these conversations. I would like to thank all our teachers for their hard work and for constantly striving to improve for the benefit of our students!

This morning we had our first assembly of the year, and it was awesome to have all our families here on site to watch! Congratulations to our Year 4 students for the way they reminded us of the Easter Story with some great acting and clear, articulate voices. Thanks to Mrs Hilton and Mr Sly for their help in organising the morning. I would also like to congratulate our Year 6 students for leading their first assembly.

After some issues with recording and sharing the Edudance Concert (sorry again) last term, Mr Sly has ‘borrowed’ some new hardware to help us live-stream our events for parents. We have trialled this over the past few days and at today’s assembly. So far it seems to be working very well and we hope this will become a feature of future events. We hope this will support families who work or can’t get to the event due to illness etc. I know Mr Sly is hoping for this to be a permanent

Finally, next week is Wellness Week, please take the opportunity to take a deep breath and spend some extra time together. There will be no homework and I encourage our teachers to focus on the wellbeing of students and themselves next week. If extra meetings and events can be avoided, that would be great!

I hope you all have an awesome weekend and enjoy the fine weather tomorrow!

Geordie Thuijs


Changes to our Telephone Answering Machine Options

We have recently updated our telephone message and in doing so , the options have changed. Please listen to the options carefully before you choose your extension number.

Option 1 is for Admin

Option 2 is for Finance

Please remember to let us know if your child is away from school:

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Collecting children during the school day

As the Covid regulations have relaxed and parents are now allowed on site, please come into the office for a sign out pass if you are collecting children early.

You are now able to go down and collect your child/ren from their classrooms.

Uniform Guidelines

We believe there may be a little confusion with some aspects of our uniform, in particular, with the grooming of hairstyles.

There is to be no Number 1 haircuts, this includes undercuts, or undercuts with thick comb overs. Next week, all students with hair that does not meet the uniform guidelines, will receive a SEQTA message from their teacher. We understand that this cannot be resolved overnight, however we do ask and expect that we will not have this issue again.


Students are expected to show pride in themselves and their school by paying attention to their personal appearance.

  • Clothing is to be clean and in a good state of repair. Nail Polish and Make Up is not permitted.
  • Clear lip balm/gloss may be worn.
  • Shoulder length hair or longer is to be tied back.
  • Hair is to be tidy and away from the face.
  • Hair Accessories- black, brown, navy blue or red.
  • Any change to hair colour should be in natural toning only.
  • Hairstyles are to be moderate and not extreme (Number 1 haircuts or chiseled pattern hair styles are considered extreme).
  • No hair wraps and or bead/coloured braiding.


The only jewelry permitted is:

  • Wristwatch / Smartwatches - Smartwatches are to be used as per iPad Code of Conduct Agreement.
  • Earrings which are small sleepers or plain studs - one only in the lobe of the ear.
  • One chain with religious symbol, to be worn under clothing.

National Walk to School Safely Day

Thank you to everyone who walked, cycled or scooted to school despite the rain! The apples and cup of milo were a lovely treat!

Thankyou to Ibu Kristy and the Year 6 students who organised this event and helped out today!

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WasteSorted Schools

We are one of 32 WA schools listed as a recipient of the WasteSorted grant. Have a read of this!

Congratulations again to Mrs Murphy and our Environmental Ministry for making this happen!

Nude Food winners

Our Nude Food initiative is still going strong, with our Orange Faction earning the most points last week!

Lets keep those Nude Food lunches coming!

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Holy Communion - changes

Reconciliation before the Sacrament will take place on Thursday 9th June at 6.00pm, in the church.

Holy Communion celebration Masses will take place on Saturday 11th June at 6.00pm or Sunday 12th June at 9.00am (please note there will no longer be a 3.00pm or 11.00am Mass).

Confirmation - Save the Date

Father Giovanni has confirmed that there will only be one Confirmation Commitment Mass to be held on SATURDAY 25th JUNE at 6.00pm.

This Mass will also be our Year 6 Community Mass and there will be food, drinks and mingling for the students and their families afterwards. Further details will be shared closer to the night.

Family Business Directory - a message from the P&F

We have created a Family Business Directory which we think would be a great way to support small business in our community.

It must be a family owned business. This includes all the amazing parents who make items or bake amazing food or provide services like plumbing, lawn mowing etc.

The directory will be saved as a file on this page and it will also be on the school website (under the family section).

The cost to advertise will be a $20.00 annual fee.

If you would like to advertise your business please send an email to

P & F Meeting - Friday 27 May

The P&F will be holding their meeting next Friday at 9.00am in the Library. Everyone is welcome!

Things to look out for next week

  • Year 1 State Library Excursion - Tuesday 24 May 2022
  • Year 4 Kolbe Catholic College visit - Tuesday 24 May 2022
  • Holy Communion Workshop - Tuesday 24 May 2022 - 6.15pm - 7.15pm
  • Kindy Ozlife Incursion - Thursday 26 May 2022
  • P&F Meeting - 9.00am - Friday 27 May 2002
  • Year 2 Fremantle Prison Excursion - Friday 27 May 2022
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