Read Aloud All Summer Long


Top 4 Reasons Why Reading Aloud is the Most Important Thing You Can Do This Summer

  • Develops a Rich Vocabulary: Reading aloud exposes children to words they don't encounter in everyday conversation (considerate, ecstatic, deliberate) which in turn, builds their own personal vocabulary bank.
  • Improves Understanding of Fluency: Hearing a story read aloud provides a model for how stories should sound (flow, phrasing, expression, rate).
  • Increases awareness of Story Structure: Children read to frequently have a deeper understanding of how stories work which enhances their overall comprehension
  • Provides Social Emotional Benefits: Reading aloud allows children to think about and discuss characters' feelings with a trusted adult which then provides them with a repertoire of words and strategies to handle their own feelings.

How to Choose a Read Aloud Text

What to look for in choosing books :

  • Titles that explore your child's interests, expand horizons, and offer exposure to different kinds of writing.
  • Stories that let them see how characters in different situations behave toward others.
  • Engaging informational texts with lots of colorful photographs or illustrations that help kindergartners build knowledge about the world.
  • Longer stories or chapter books with thematically rich issues that lead to discussion and reflection.

Parent Tips for Summer Reading

  • Keep books in the car, in the beach bag, and your child's sports bag

  • Connect reading to summer activities (For example: read books about places your family will go or activities that you will do together)

  • Let your children see you read (For example: read the newspaper in the morning or take a magazine from the rack at the doctor's office)

  • Reward reading with more reading (For example: if your child finishes one book, take a trip to the local library and let them pick out another)

MTPL Supports Summer Reading

The Middletown Public Library supports students' summer reading in a variety of ways. They have copies of our summer reading lists and set up displays of those books. There is also a new summer reading program, Universe of Stories! The 501st Legion coming for a visit to kick off the program! The 501st Legion has been called in frequently to support many Star Wars events at public libraries, aimed at bringing young fans of the galaxy far, far away into the world of reading. There will some photo ops, a few activities, some swag and some STAR WARS books to check out! Let the force be with you!

See the schedule below:


Summer Reading Program Logging begins June 17th

Summer Reading Program ends August 10th

Last Day to Pick Up Prizes - Saturday, August 17th

Grand Prize Raffle Drawing-Saturday, August 17th (Close of business)