Bison Beat

February 2022

Message from the Principal

I can't believe that it is the middle of February already. Students have been busy learning and testing to gain a middle of the year check point. Be sure to be asking your student what they are learning about daily.

We completed our Fast Bridge testing back in January, our school wide goal was to reach 57% of our students to be At/or Above Winter Benchmark for reading, we were able to reach 60% of our students meeting At/or Above Winter Benchmark. Together as a staff we are so proud of our students and the growth they are making in reading. Thank you for your continued support at home to help with reading and math.

Students in grades 3-5 took the South Dakota Interim Block Assessment for Reading & Math. This test is similar to the summative assessment students will take in the Spring however, teachers picked targets we have performed poorly on to gather a better picture of where our students are at right now with those areas so they make adjustments to their instruction to fill in the gaps.

The elementary office would like to welcome our newest Bison, Laura Sowers, as the new secretary. She is busy getting to know our school, students, and their families.

Mrs. Karn

Save the Date---March 14-24 Fundraiser

Parents and families— We are excited to announce our Dance Fit Fundraiser coming soon!

The Dance Fit program is a two week experience where student’s will learn about character topics and are invited to help their school. At the end of the program, all students will participate in the big Dance Fit event which is a video experience where students will complete 35 dance moves or exercises along with our Booster Dance Crew, and features dances from the Just Dance Video Game!

Through MYBOOSTER.COM you can register your student(s) for the program and use the online sharing tools to ask friends and families for donations to help our school! Donations can be gathered for every lap your student completes on the Dance Fit Day. Our goal is to have as many students registered as possible by the our kickoff day, but registration and giving will be open through the Dance Fit!

Students will also experience an amazing character theme called SPORTS CITY WORLDWIDE! Check out more about this year’s character theme here!

Stay tuned for more information in the upcoming weeks!

Preschool Screening

Friday, March 11th, 8am-3pm

Hot Springs School District Bison Center

Any child ages 3-5 who live in the Hot Springs School District.

  • An early childhood development screening that can help identify possible concerns in a child's development.
  • Helps identify a child in possible need of further evaluation or needs to support development.

Click on this link or call (605) 745-3512 to sign up for a slot to have your child screened for preschool.

Important Dates

February 28- March 1 Parent Teacher Conferences 4:30-7:30

March 2 4th Grade Music Program 2:45-3:45

March 3 Early Release 1:30

March 11 Preschool Screening 8:00-4:00

March 14-24 Playground Fundraiser

March 23 3rd Grade Music Program 2:45-3:45

March 24 Dance Fit

March 24 Community Togetherness Night along with Math & Literacy Activities

PLEASE FIX on 2nd Semester Important Dates that the 5th Grade Band/Celebration will be May 17