The Ben Franklin Friday Focus

March 6, 2015

Happy Friday!

Dear Staff,

We are getting all to used to winter weather. Let's stay flexible and finish Read Across America Week strong!!! Thanks to Amy and Bonnie for spearheading our week and to everyone who helped get the students excited, including all of our read aloud guests and Green Eggs and Ham readers! I have attached the link below to show the students today. REMEMBER - the reading train will be today at 2:50 pm! I'll go on the announcements to start it up.

One week from today we will be welcoming Dave Burgess to Lawrence Township. This will be an exciting event for all of us. Remember the Teach Like a Pirate philosophy states that there is no substitute for content knowledge, but the more that we can do to creatively engage our students, the more of an unforgettable experience we can make school for them, and in turn they will learn a lot more! Creativity, as Dave writes, isn't something that you have or don't have. It's not something you're born with. It is something that you develop and try that you work at. The PD day is coming at a perfect time, as we will have PARCC looming over us the following week. Let's try to develop some great activities that center around student AND TEACHER interests in order to engage kids and make them think for the days after the PARCC is done! Also, let's see how we can use all of this snow to engage kids! I have some snow markers at home that I got from Five Below or Target (I forget which one). They are essentially food coloring in a big bottle. There are so many ways to engage our students to make them excited for what we need them to learn!

Have a fun day today and a great weekend.



PS - On another note, thank you again for everyone who has been so kind and supportive over the last few weeks. I will be out Monday for my mom's funeral, but after that will be here consistently moving forward. Thank you!


Quote of the Week:

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Week of 3/9: Group 2 AM Car Line (Cherny, Colavita, and Cimorelli)

Monday 3/9 – EdData orders are due

Monday 3/9 - District ESL/Grade level meetings

Wednesday 3/11 - Board of Ed. meeting

Thursday 3/12 – Wear Team BF St. Baldrick’s t-shirts

Friday 3/13 – Professional Development/School closed for students

Saturday 3/14 – St. Baldrick’s at Amalfi's

Week of 3/16: Group 3 AM Car Line (Reif, Offery, Urizar)

Monday 3/16 – Faculty meeting

Monday 3/16 - Conference schedule choices will go out to teachers.

Wednesday 3/18 – Teacher Appreciation (Gr. 2)

Friday 3/20 - FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!!!!

Friday 3/20 – Spirit Day: College Day


Monday 3/23 - 1st grade school concert (RESCHEDULED FROM last week)

Tuesday 3/24 - 1st grade parent concert (also RESCHEDULED)

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