Math Measurement Activities

Apri 24-28


  • 1st - Make sure all of you work for this week is complete before playing games found on this website!
  • Please pay attention to the day of the week. There will be a game or materials that will help you understand measurement as we move through and learn the different ways to measure objects. You can choose any to play/work with as long as it is not ahead of where we are.
  • For example if it is Tuesday, you can do any of the activities under Monday or Tuesday. Please do NOT move on to Wednesday, because we haven't discussed this yet!
  • If the Game does not work in Chrome, please try Safari. If Safari doesn't work ,play Moby Max Math or get a partner game and quietly find a partner.


Interactive Ruler

This is the tool that your teacher may have used during the lesson. Feel free to explore this on your own!


Keynote for extra support!

The pictures give great examples - check them out!


Interactive Scale

Your teacher may have used this tool during the lesson. Check it out!!