Vex Game


Each alliance has two different sized balls that are worth varying points (See SCORING).

Each alliance also has cubes that are designated by color.

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On the top of the ramp, there are two goals, one per alliance.

Teams must put their colored scoring objects into their colored goal.

Teams may also score by stopping on top of the ramp/the ramp itself.

Any scoring objects carried by the objects are counted as scored.


At the beginning of the game, during the 15 seconds autonomous period, teams may score points by moving any of their own scoring objects onto their tiles. Every scoring object made onto the tiles during this time alone is worth 1 point.

Robots may also go onto the ramp during this time period.

One robot on a team can earn 5 points during autonomous, while having both of the robots onto the ramp can earn 25 points during autonomous.


The ramp and scoring objects correlate with the physics concept of friction. The participants must be able to create a way to bring scoring objects up the ramp. They also must find a value of friction that will allow for the robots to stay on the ramp without sliding off in order to gain massive points.


The Large Balls are 3 points scored into the goal.

The Small Balls are 2 point scored into the goal.

Squares are worth 5 points scored into the goal.

One robot on the ramp at the end of the game is worth 10 points, two robots on the same alliance is worth 25 points.

Any scoring object resting on the ramp at the end of the game is worth 1 point.

Scoring objects on top of robots, on the ramp, count.

The team that won autonomous is rewarded an additional 10 points.

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