President Pamphlet 2016

Allie Zoeller & Maddie Weyrens

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  • You must be a natural born citizen
  • 35+ years old
  • 14 years residency

Powers of the President

Power to...

  • appoint ambassadors- diplomatic
  • fill up all vacancies that occur during the Recess of the Senate- executive
  • negotiate treaties- diplomatic
  • nominate federal judges- judicial
  • sign or veto legislation -legislative
  • command the armed forces- diplomatic
  • ask for the written opinion of his cabinet- executive
  • convene or adjourn Congress- executive
  • grant reprieves or pardons- judicial
  • chief of state- executive

I think the power that is the most important is the presidents ability to veto. It enables the president to have a voice in the lawmaking process.

Salary, Perks and Benefits

  • Salary $400,000
  • Perks private tennis court, basketball court, pool, bowling alley, movie theater, putting green.
  • Benefits after leaving office the president will receive a pension of $200,000 annually for healthcare, official travel, and an office of his/her own.

Five Important Leadership Qualities

Effectiveness & Resolute Decision Making It's important for the president to have an effective decision making process, so the people of the country have an understanding of any plan the president may embark on

Facilitate High Stakes It's important to make the people understand any issues within the government, also to hold meetings in front of citizens to inform them about current issues

Communicate Motivation Among Country The president must motivate the citizens throughout time, give them reasons to work hard and succeed

Trust It's important to have trust in one's nation, the president must carry trust among the citizens

Implement Goals for Country It's important for the president to maintain goals for the country, otherwise the country will never improve, and changes will never be made

Major issues

One of the current situations that surrounds the United States is immigration. More specifically border control and illegal immigrants. The priority mission of the Border Patrol currently is to prevent terrorists and dangerous weapons, from entering the United States. The process of becoming a legal immigrant is long and demanding. So many people have been forced to enter the country illegally, which can result in over population or unnecessary spending of the government to remove them. Many people have said the best way to handle this situation is just allow them to stay, and become aliens of the country.

But as President of the United States we believe that you need to properly become a legal citizen of America. Adding more checkpoints along the borders of America will help prevent more illegal immigrants from entering the borders at night. This is why I am using my executive powers and creating an executive order. My order will be that we immediately fund for higher security along the borders. By doing this we are keeping our country safer. I think that removing all of the current illegal immigrants will take lots of time and money. This is why I propose that we use our resources and help the illegal immigrants become an alien of the United States. This way we know they are aware of our rules and policies here, but aren't illegal. I hope that people will take into consideration my loyalty to this country, and agree with me. I will be asking my cabinet for their written suggestions on my proposals to see if they have any changes. I am the leader of this country, and am willing to do anything in my power to help fix any issues within my country.

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