Amur Leopards

Endangered Animals

Facts about the Amur leopard

A Amur leopard can run 37 miles per hour. Amur Leopards are orange and white with a lot of black spots on their fur.

Were Amur Leopards live

Amur Leopard live in Russia,and northeast of China, Africa and Europe.

Some fun pictures of Amur Leopards

Amur Leopard worst thereat.

Their habitat is being destroyed. Humans are hunting Amur Leopards for their fur.

Amur Leopards are important .

Their important for some countries.

Amur Leopards are being protected.

Make land for Amur Leopard.Move Amur leopard to zoo so they can be safe from hunters.
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Mommy and baby Amur Leopard

Planet Earth ~ Amur Leopard
Yorkshire Wildlife Park - Amur Leopard Cubs and Conservation