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World War 2 Hunt Project

Which Technological Advancement during the war gave each side an advantage the other didn't have.

The German Uboats

The Battle of the Atlantic

At one point in world war the Nazi's had control over all of Europe except England. England was getting constantly bombed and was running out of supply's, and the only way that supply were to reach England was if the merchant ships crossed the Atlantic from america and allied forces. But the U boats were waiting.
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U Boats War Impact

Between June and November U boats sank 1.6 million tons of cargo in 1940 that was bound for war battered Britain, some U boat captains even claimed to have sunk 200 tons of cargo each. This cut of England supply chain from the other Allies making England even weaker.
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The U boats Demise

After the boats success early in the war the Allied powers developed advanced sonar and were able to locate and destroy U boats with depth charges and torpedo bombs. 2 out of 3 U boats never came back and 4 out of 5 U boat sailors perished. After the U boats were considered unsuccessful, England was able to gain supply's and hold of the Nazi's long enough until help from America and the Russians came. Proving just how useful the U boats were in the Battle of the Atlantic.

The Atomic Bomb

Japan had little defenses left and was running out of men, yet Japan was still a long way from surrender. The only way to end the war and force Japan to surrender was an invasion of Japans home island, and operation that would coast many American and Japanese lives. There was only one other option to force Japan to a quick surrender and save american lives, the atomic bomb.
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The Atomic Bomb War Impact

Even after the devastation of the two bombs the Japanese war officials still did not want to surrender, but eventually Japans leader stepped in and waived the white flag. Another invasion would have lead to the deaths of many more Japanese and Americans. The invasion would of dwarfed d day, which alone lead to the deaths of 425,000 people from both sides.

Nuclear Power Today

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Today are Nuclear bombs dwarf the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Plenty of these bombs have been tested but no bombs have been used in combat and the threat of Nuclear war has reduced dramatically since the end of the cold war.
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After the Atomic Bomb were dropped scientist learned how to harness the power of Nuclear fission to create electricity to power are homes. In 2014, 10.8% of the worlds power came from nuclear plants across the globe.
Nuclear Power is also used to power other things, such as submarines and ships. The USS Pennsylvania (Pictured Left) is a nuclear powered submarine that does not have to refuel for 20 years. The sub has systems on board which creates oxygen from water so the sub can stay submerged for as long as the supply's for the crew last. The sub also carries 2 dozen nuclear missiles that can be launched underwater.