Pizzle Rot

Manda Green

Pizzle Rot

Pizzle= A animal Penis

Rot= To decay

Pizzle Rot= An animals penis starts to decay

Symptoms=penis that is considerably swollen and bleeds, and from which pieces of tissue fall off.

~The penis is also caked with puss

~This varies from small pustules and wounds on the penis

~Symptoms in animals are inflammation of the penis and sheath

~The penis then often hangs out

~It is so sore that the animal cannot service.

Causes=The germ that causes pizzle rot is unknown.

~exact way in which it is transmitted is also unknown.

~The condition occurs mainly during the mating season.

Treatment=With the Animal in a sitting position, the penis ispulled out and sprayed with an antibiotic aerosol.

~A long-term antibiotic is administered and the animals isolated for three weeks.

~Further handling of the penis can aggravate the condition.

Preventoin=Deficiency diseases should be eliminated, since they lower resistance.

~A shortage of zinc is associated with the condition.

~Rams should not be overfed during the mating season.

~All rams should be checked before the mating season and any with sores or wounds on the penis should be removed.

* Source= www.Elsenburg.com