Family Dean Dolphin Digest Mar. '21

Concurrent Learning Model

Welcome back to Jennie Dean ES - Hybrid or Concurrent Learning Model

There are a lot of new terms that are being used and sometimes they are difficult to understand. Here are some definitions that may help.

Face-to-Face - Learning in person at school

Online Learning - Learning online at home or another location

Virtual Learning - Online Learning outside of the school

Hybrid Learning - Learning online and at school, in person

Blended Learning - Using technology to learn at school, in person

Concurrent Learning/Teaching - Teaching students online and at school, in person at the same time

Roomies - In-person Students

Zoomies - Online or in Zoom students

Welcome Back Informational Video

Welcome back informational video from Principal Kara Grasser - English and Spanish You may have to download the video to get it to play.

Welcome Back Video Transcripts - Spanish

Bienvenida de nuevo transcripciones de video - espaƱol


  • Please, remember to bring your mask daily!
  • Students will wear masks daily and only remove them to eat or drink.
  • Water bottles will be provided for students
  • Lanyards will be provided to help students keep up with their masks

Bus Routes and In Person Learning

Here are some important links to help you determine bus routes and other information you may need to return to in-person school.

Entering and Leaving School


  • Bus Riders will be directed off of their busses by a staff member to enter the building safely
  • Car Riders will drop off at Kiss & Ride locations at the front of the school as directed by a staff member.
  • All students can pick up breakfast in the cafeteria free of charge

  • Bus Riders - Students will be escorted to their busses by their teachers
  • Car Riders - Kiss and Ride location at the front of the building

  • Kiss and Ride will receive a temporary Kiss and Ride Pass and paperwork. Once the paperwork is back in, you will receive the permanent Kiss and Ride Pass. Please, return the paperwork as soon as possible!

Breakfast and Lunch

Breakfast and Lunch will be provided to all students who want it, free of charge.
Breakfast and Lunch Menu

Breakfast and Lunch will be provided to all students who want it, free of charge.

Daily Technology

New Schedules

Daily Schedules

New Encore Times

  • Kindergarten - 2:35-3:15
  • First Grade - 10:35-11:15
  • Second Grade - 12:50-1:30
  • Third Grade - 9:45-10:25
  • Fourth Grade - 1:40-2:20

Please Remind Students Daily about Keeping their Distance from Others and Keep their Masks On.

ONLY Come on Your Assigned Days - Tuesday/Thursday OR Wednesday/Friday

Office Staff

Please contact the school office if you have any questions or concerns.