International Rescue Committee

Helping to Rebuild the Darfur Genocide Victims

Role of Organization

The role of the IRC was to provide medical care, water, sanitation, education, and protection for the 800,000 Darfuris and the 1.1 million people in North and South Sudan. Eventually they were expelled by the Sudanese Government. In 2014 alone the International Rescue Committee and our local partner organizations restored hope and opportunity for millions of people uprooted by war, conflict and natural disasters.

Protecting Human Rights

They are protecting the right to shelter, the right to essentials of life, and right to health care. Also providing the right to equal opportunity by allowing people for loans.
The IRC’s Life-Changing Impact in 2014

Authority to Address the Situation

  • No real authority.They were kicked out by the Sudanese Government along with 12 other organizations. Its a group with celebrities and donors backing it but are still seen as a relief program with promotional donations needed and volunteers run 90% of the workers involved.

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Supporting Our Mission

Our mission has been supported from donations by the Public who believe that our cause is the right one. 92% of our programs are efficient in working towards a brighter future.
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Our Success in Darfur

They are saving lives, healing the sick, preventing further diseases, rebuilding communities, caring for children, protecting and empowering women and creating new lives for people who have been caught in situations out of their own control.