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Newsletter - Thursday 17th March 2022


We pray that you show your love and mercy on those affected in the ongoing war in the Ukraine. May we achieve peace quickly.


2022 Important Dates

Week 7

Wed 16 Mar: Hockey Incursion during sport sessions

Thur 17 Mar: St Patrick's Day

Week 8

Mon 21 Mar: Harmony Day / Downs Syndrome Awareness Day (Silly Sock Fundraiser)

Tue 22 Mar: World Water Day

Wed 23 Mar: Yr 4 Class Mass - 9.30am

Fri 25 Mar: National Ride to School Day / Earth Hour School's Day

Please go to our calendar for more dates: https://www.ladyofcape.wa.edu.au/calendar.php

Dear Parents, Grandparents and Caregivers in the OLC Community,


As we are now in the second week of Lent, we are reminded that whatever dangers or difficulties we are faced with, God is always there to support us. This Lenten season we will work together to overcome fear and sadness and demonstrate a daily commitment to supporting one another.

COVID Update

Thanks to everyone supporting the mask wearing from years 3-6. The shared commitment helps to keep our students and community safe. None of us want our students to wear masks. It is a government mandate; we are required to wear them by law. Our year 6 leaders were turning this into a positive by holding a decorate a mask fundraiser last Friday. All the funds raised went to support our school contacts affected in the Ukraine.

We have had a small number of COVID positive cases in our school community. It is now the role of the school Principal if your child is a close contact and you will be informed. We are fortunate that year 3-6 students have been wearing masks therefore not deemed close contacts and can remain at school. Thank you for your vigilance in this area.

We will keep you updated with changes that are relevant to you. There will shortly be a link placed on our website so you can enroll details which is then sent to the Health Department, CEWA and OLC.

As you would well understand, the Privacy Act prohibits us from informing our community of the identity of who have tested COVID positive. (As I am sure you would not like us to share your circumstances with the wider community.)

Parents and caregivers can now inform the school of their child’s positive or negative COVID result via the link below. The information will go directly to the Health Department, CEWA and the Principal, prompting our COVID response to the community.



Many thanks to Mrs. Amie Meyer for coordinating the OLC prayer Vigil last Thursday afternoon and Dunsborough Progress Association Fundraiser at Lion’s Park in town on Saturday evening to support our local Ukraine families and their relations in the current situation. A great deal of thanks must go to our amazing music teacher Mrs. Jane King, on being able to prepare our OLC Rock Band to perform at both functions. Lots of highlights there for all of us.

Kindy Enrolments 2023

We have a steady stream of Kindy enrolments coming in for 2023. Please hand in your sibling enrolments ASAP. Kindy students need to turn 4 years of age before June 30 in 2023.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Our end of term parent teacher interviews will either be online or over the phone. Your class room teacher will contact you shortly if an interview is required. If you have not heard from your teacher and would like to request an appointment please email your classroom teacher.

Eucharist Enrolment Mass

The First Communion candidates and their families attended their enrolment Masses last weekend. Our First Communion is being held on March 26 and 27 with the year 4 families.

Any concerns? Always feel free to contact me if you have any concerns regarding school. You will receive a direct answer.


Brilliant effort to the year 6 team on organising a successful carwash last Sunday. Gold star to Louise and Vanessa for their initiative and band of helpers to raise heaps of funds for our school community.

P & F Meeting

A sensational group of very giving parents meet in a refreshing location to put a structure together for P&F activities this year. We are all limited in what we are currently able to do due to COVID restrictions. Lots of creative ways to fundraise and friend raise were discussed at the meeting.


The final day of term one for students is Thursday 7 April. The staff will be holding online PD with St. Mary McKillop College in Busselton and St. Thomas More Primary in Margaret River.

Silly Sock Fundraiser

Everyone in our community is encouraged to wear a pair of silly socks next Monday March 21 as part of Downs Syndrome Awareness Day. All funds raised will go to the local Surfing for the Disabled.

School Uniforms

Please be conscious of dressing your children in the correct school uniform.

Black leather upper shoes for boys and hair being trimmed above the collar or have the hair tied back. Neat well-groomed hair does assist with the decrease in spread of headlice.


We need volunteers for our Canteen to run smoothly. From week one next term we need the following volunteers:

  • Week 1 - Year 1 Class
  • Week 2 - Year 2 Class
  • Week 3 - Year 3 Class
  • Week 4 - Year 4 Class
  • Week 5 - Year 5 Class
  • Week 6 - Year 6 Class
  • Week 7 - Pre-Primary Class
  • Week 8 - Year 1 Class
  • Week 9 - Year 2 Class
  • Week 10 - Year 3 Class

Dads, Mums and Grandparents are most welcome to come along and help. Please let us know at the office if you are able to help.


We are very excited to again take part in our cultural excursions and incursions this year with Josh Whiteland from Koomal Dreaming. This year we have built on our previous schedule to ensure that Josh will lead all cultural experiences with each class.

Our students will enjoy learning on-country and at our school’s cultural space in the following:


Cultural Experience and Location

Term and Date


Cape Kaya Experience

Term 2 Week 8

Thursday 23rd Friday 24th June


Quindalup Walk

Term 4 – Week 4

Wednesday 2nd November

Year 1

Cape Kaya Experience

Term 2 Week 9

Wednesday 22nd June

Year 2

Meelup Walk – Storytelling -Mammung the Whale

Term 4 Week 1

Wednesday 12th October

Year 3

Ngilgi Cave

Term 2 - Week 7

Wednesday 8th June

Year 4

Traditional Cooking

OLC Outdoor Cultural Classroom

Term 3 Week 10

Thursday 22nd September

Year 5

Tool Making - Margaret River Mouth

Term 3 Week 5

Thursday 18th August

Year 6

Journey Stick creation for Graduation

OLC Outdoor Cultural Classroom

Term 4 Week 3

Wednesday 26th October

We are so privileged to be able to provide this essential cultural learning to our students with the vital input from our Wadandi custondian, Josh Whiteland.


Last Tuesday all OLC staff took part in some highly valuable professional learning.

The first part of the day had Stuart McKenzie, a psychologist from CEWA, deliver an online presentation on Student with Anxiety:

· The conditions caused from anxiety

· How the brain and body function during anxiety

· The “worry chain”.

· The difference between fear and anxiety

· Flight, Fright or Freeze

· What survival looks like in school

The session was extremely well received by OLC staff and we feel so grateful to have Stuart as our dedicated school psychologist and to be able to access his expertise and knowledge.

Collaborative Proactive Solutions

Part two of the day focused on Dr. Ross Greene’s approach for using a problem-solving approach to help meet student needs and their lagging skills which can often be reflected by inappropriate behaviour. I delivered this training but was assisted in the preparation by Leith Tarling, CEWA behaviour consultant, who has complete advanced training in this model. The CPS approach comes highly endorsed by CEWA Lead Psychologist, Laura Allison.

At its core, this approach has the perspective of:

“Kids do well if they can!” as opposed to “Kids do well if they want to!”

This is quite a mindset shift for some parents and educators, but one well worth exploring.

More free information can be found at https://livesinthebalance.org/walking-tour/ as well as on Audible – “The Explosive Child” (there is a 2-hour abridged version which I highly recommend for the time poor parents)

Did you know?

  • Emma Gair is a St. Kilda supporter.
  • Mrs.Wendelin arrived at school at 7.09 am on Tuesday morning.
  • Jesse Wray (PPL) is the most beautiful little boy with excellent manners, is extremely independent and just a great human being to be around.
  • Mrs. Meyer was on ABC radio last Thursday morning at 6.55am.
  • Holland and Willow Sweet have a super keen Labradoodle named "Bear."
  • Logan Coyle is a ripper, 'top of the tree' little kid.
  • Do you know anyone who may fit these names.........

Sensor light: Only works when someone walks past

Noodles: Thinks all jobs take two minutes

Blister: Appears when all the work has been done

Lantern: Not very bright and has to be carried

Deck chair: Folds under pressure

Perth: Three hours behind everyone else

Bushranger: Holds everyone up.

Wheelbarrow: Only works when he’s pushed

Watching our students doing what kids are supposed to be doing at recess and lunchtimes. Running flat chat, playing chasey, footy, cricket, shooting basketballs, playing netball, wheeling and dealing, climbing trees, trying everything and on the new adventure playground

Eugene Lee




Last week we were privileged to be part of helping to organise a community event to help raise money for the people of Ukraine. The event was inspired to support OLC’s Youlden family, who currently have family and friends on the ground in Ukraine (Uzhgorod). In collaboration with the Dunsborough Progress Association, we were able to organise a concert and fundraiser, which raised $6000 of funds in just two hours! The event brought together several other Ukrainian families based in Dunsborough and was a beautiful show of community support for them all in this devastating time.

I would like to extend my thanks to the members of the OLC Community who offered their time, skills, and energy to assist with the fundraiser:

  • Mrs. Lucy Jordanoff for donating her time and expertise in graphic design to create the advertising for the event
  • Mrs. Jane King for preparing the OLC school band to perform
  • The OLC Rock Band for their awesome performance (Thank you Chloe, Flynn, Michael, Emma, Mila and Louie – you really do rock!)
  • OLC Staff volunteers on the night: Mrs. Julie Birch, Miss Anita Hurst, Mrs, Mandy Sinclair, Mrs. Rachel Sweeny, Mrs. Serena O’Brien, & Mrs Linde Beatty.

I was also very proud of Alexandra Youlden, who spoke beautifully at the event. Please continue to pray for the people involved in conflict and for world peace.


Next weekend (26th and 27th March), several of our Year 4 students will receive the Sacrament of First Eucharist (Holy Communion). The word 'communion' means to be united with; Catholics believe that in Holy Communion we are united in a special way with Jesus Christ.

At his last supper, Jesus said of the bread that he shared among his followers, "Take and eat, this is my body." When we receive Holy Communion, Catholics believe that in a mysterious way we are sharing in the body and blood of Christ. Holy Communion and the whole celebration is also known as Eucharist, from a Greek word meaning thanksgiving.

We would ask that you would keep the following students in your prayers as they prepare for this next stage in their faith journey: Jett Devereux, Keenan Rogan, Oscar Blackburn, Tom Gordon, Zoe Heitman, Adele Sorgiovanni, Lexi Lambert, Ayva Marsden, Caleb Peterson, Isla Byrne, Manoa Coltrinari, Max McMaster and Patrick O’Brien.

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With a focus on our school value of Compassion this term, it has been awe-inspiring to have been approached by so many students from all age groups with amazing ideas for raising money. It truly makes my heart sing for our little people to be so thoughtful and compassionate regarding the needs of others. During Lent, we focus on giving (not just of money, but also of time, skills and love). Given the multiple recent fundraising efforts at OLC, we will have a break from these initiatives until next term, when the Year 6 Catholic ministry group will organise further events. Please thank your children for being so generous and thoughtful, and encourage them to give to others in alternative ways.


There are a number of OLC families with Ukrainian heritage in our community. Nataliya Youlden, mum to Alexandra and Sophia, left Ukraine 12 years ago to move to Australia to settle. A number of Nataliya’s family and friends remain in Ukraine and are currently facing desperate times. If you are able to provide financial assistance, Nataliya will be establishing a Go Fund Me page where donations will be dispersed directly to people on the ground in need. Details will be shared soon.

Alternatively, if you can support the following humanitarian causes for the larger population of Ukraine, it would be appreciated. Please continue to pray for Ukraine and for world peace at this time.





P&F News

After a successful weekend of car washing, the year 6’s are knackered, but the school carpark never looked so clean. Thanks to all for supporting the Car Wash and Produce Stall and a big congratulations to the Year 6’s and organisers on a fantastic event raising a whopping $3000.

The Easter Raffle preparation is well under way and your child should have received their raffle tickets this week. Please return these to the classroom teacher by Fri 1 April. If you would like extra tickets, these can be found at the front office. Chocolate donations can be dropped to the classroom by Fri 25 March.

If you are around this weekend, gather some friends and come and enjoy the Cove Markets, on the Dunsborough foreshore, 3-8pm. Lots of shopping and food stalls to enjoy and the OLC P&F will have a sausage sizzle stall running.

Footy lovers, don’t forget to register for the OLC Footy Tipping competition for your chance to win beer and bragging rights. $100 cash prize for the kid's entries also!! Get your tips in NOW as the season starts WEDNESDAY afternoon WST (4:10pm) the 16th March. $20 per head entry which will go to the P&F as a school fundraiser. Please deposit into the P&F bank account and include your name as the transfer description. Details below;

BSB 633-000
AC 177 265 998’


Website: www.footytips.com.au

Search: OLC AFL Footy Tipping

Or click on the link below;



*Any issues email me via the Footy Tipping website (Good luck!)

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