The Battle Of The Layers

One day the plants on the forest floor decided to take charge and climb to the forest floor to get some sunshine. The problem was that, the horrible understory wouldn’t let them past. The only way that the understory would let them by, would be to take them with them; and that was a big ask. As they agreed, they all started climb what they had to climb to the canopy.

After a long journey, the tired two layers decided climb on and on, but another problem euchred. How to get past the canopy layer? This time the canopy wasn’t as nice, and refused to let anyone past. A minute later of waiting, the canopy remembered that they were not the tallest in the forest, and that the emergent was. So they set off to the tip top of the forest; the emergent.

As they raced to the top of the tree, they found out that the emergent would never let go the best spot in the house, the tallest of the tall, and the sunniest spot in the forest. However the emergent was kind unlike the rest, and let the whole forest share the sunlight. From then on the there was no shade on the forest again and they all had learnt their lesson- always to be nice.

The end