Peter and the Starcatchers

By Spencer Barr

Black Stache

My name is Black Stach the worst and meanest pirate of them all. I like taking over ships with lots of treasure and cargo. By I've got to go throw the crew off the boat and capture the wasp.

Character Traits

1. Mean-PG-49 Captain gave them a boat and threw them off the ship to die.

2. Crazy-PG-49 Smee don't be laughing u might be next he said looking at his belly.

3. Improvident-PG-48 Smee looked away the crew was throwing off the water and food.

4. Greedy-PG-123 The never land have the trunk we need to get it for ME!!!!!!

Physical Traits

1. Long mustache-PG-13 He had a long Black Stach.

2. Dirty-PG-13 His Stach was covered in wax and grease.

3. Tall-PG-13 He was tall compared to the crew.

4. Skinny-PG-13 He was skinny and mobile.

The taking of the Wasp

Friday, March 13th 2015 at 11:45pm

Atlantic Ocean

Come watch me take the Wasp and make sure to bring lots of gold and silver!!!!!