A Child Shall Lead Them....

Four year old inspired to make a difference

The Story (from his mom)

In March, our church was shown the Feed My Starving Children promotional video. My four-year-old son quickly connected with the video and made a pitch to my husband and I that we needed to feed the starving children. I went home and made a note to start saving some spare change in a jar, but during the week forgot to do so. The following week, our pastor mentioned Feed My Starving Children in his sermon, and my four year old once again told us that we needed to start a jar to feed the starving children right now and as quickly as possible.

We started the jar with some loose change and a portion of the money that he earns by doing chores. The money that he does earn is divided into three categories: save, spend, and give (church offering/charity). What once was just his chore money being divided up into a “give” envelope (that really had no meaning to him) quickly became his personal mission to do more chores in order to feed more children. He even opted to put some of his birthday money into the jar.

My husband and I quickly decided that this was something we wanted - and needed - to be a part of as a family. When I mentioned why I joined the planning team, our pastor asked me if my son would be willing to tell the church about his jar, and the next Sunday he did just that. On the way to speak to the congregation, he asked me why people did not know about the starving children and why they did not already have their own jars. My response; “because you have not told them about the starving children yet.”

Well, he stood up there in front of the church with his jar and made sure to tell the congregation about Feed My Starving Children. A few months later, he has not forgotten about the starving children and cannot wait to get a chance to help as many starving children as he can. We occasionally check the webpage that shows how much money his fundraising has collected, and from time to time he will ask to watch the video of the children that he wants to help.

As parents, it surprises us (and warms our hearts) that a four-year-old could make such a connection and have a heart for helping others.

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