Matter Review

Chase Earnhardt, Kaley Bales


The definition of matter: is anything that takes up space.

Matter is made up of atoms, molecules,elements, etc.

The three states of matter are solid,liquid,gas.In a solid the atoms are packed togiether tightly,in a liquid they are spread out a little bit more,in a gas they are free they are spread out alot.


Atoms are the smallest form of matter.

Atoms make up everything,they hold the objects together.

Physical Properties

Everything has mass.

A pencil has mass,table has mass,etc.

Weight:weight is the force of gravity of an object.

Volume: the amount of space an object takes up.Example: a pencil takes up space everything does.

Density:is how much mass is in a certain volume.

Buoyancy:means how easily an object sinks or floats,a beachball floats because it has less density than the water,however a golfball sinks because it has more density than the water.