Foundations 1-Literature Class

December 1, 2015-

Last Class of the Year!

Next week is the last class in 2015! We've had a great first semester and I've already witnessed growth in critical thinking, knowledge, direction following and responsibility! Looking forward to Christmas break and then heading into second semester!

For our final class, students will present a little about the country they have chosen. The requirements of the assignment are a short 1-2 min presentation; however, i did also hear talk of yummy food, cool pictures, and even dressing up! After presentations, we will discuss "The American Slurp" and then group hug before heading off into the rest of December.

Everyone is Ready for the Holiday!

Shanna's happy dance


My heart soared as so many wanted to answer, we had to resort to Extra Official measures like Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who would answer first!
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Happy Birthday, Alli!

To celebrate, we enjoyed double stuffed Oreos ! (Nevermind that it was 9am!)
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Working Hard!

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Wendy Blankinship

Foundations 1-Literature Class

Tuesdays 9-10:30; 1-2:30


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