Rich Hill

Jason Bingham Jr. Period 8th

The latest update of the three rich hills boys

Appachey-Update 8/14-Appachey turned 13 in January and celebrated the occasion at the Sundance Film Festival. Appachey's mom, Delena, is one of the film's strongest supporters.

Harley-Update 8/14-Harley is 17 and no longer in school, having dropped out in the 10th grade. He's struggling with serious health problems as, this spring, an MRI revealed a brain tumor wrapped around his optic nerve.

Andrew-Update 8/14-It's been less than a year since Andrew lost his mother, Elizabeth, just days before the Sundance Film Festival. Still, Andrew and his sister Alyssa finished the 9th grade in Stratton, Colorado, in June with strong grades.

The 12/15 update of the rich hill boys

Harley is still out of school and living in Rich Hill with his grandmother. Grandma Betty works in the neighboring town at Walmart as a baker. Harley works odd jobs.

Andrew is living in Colorado with his father - his sister, Alyssa, is still in Rich Hill. He is a junior in high school school and playing football.

Appachey was recommitted and is currently living in the Division of Youth Services facility in Rich Hill.

Information about the three unique rich hill boys

The turbulent lives of three boys living in a poor Midwestern town, and the fragile bonds that sustain them.