7th grade Year

by Katie Sehon

Whats New

We will be going to Joyland on May 26, 2016. Then school will end at home on May 27, 2016.

All the classes I had


The things I like in technology is we get to learn about what technology does. Plus we have a lot of fun with Mrs.Jones


I like the novels we read in class. Every once in a while we will watch a movie of the novel. I like the way we get to sit somewhere we want.


The experiments are the best thing that I like. Like right know we are doing a crystal experiment. Then we get to sit with our friends.


The thing about math is our teacher, Coach Soliz, will mess with us and help us at the same time. I will miss him as our math teacher next year. All I need is to stay in 7th for 1 more year.

Social Studies

Coach Torres calls me fingers and others other names but we are used to it and people call me fingers but I have stopped messing with my nails.

Language Arts

Mrs.Marshall is fun, just don't get on her nerves or you will get yelled at trust me or get pulled into the hall and get talked to. Other than that she is fun.


Our coaches are Coach Elam, Carpenter, King, Legan. The coaches are hard on us to do our best and sometimes let us do what we want.


It can be hard at times but other times it gets easy when you know what you are doing. To 5th grade you know what you are doing now have fun and don't get on Mrs. WeisG's nerve.