Vacation Trips

Camping Trip

My experience going on the camping trip with my family was incredible. My family was going on a camping trip and i didn't want to go but then they convinced me. I packed my bags and pillows in the car in a boring mood. we started driving and we got to this place where there were a lot of trees and the place was huge. so we go into the front counter of the front desk and get signed up we get a map. but this was no ordinary camping ground when i saw the map my frown turned upside down it was incredible. there was an outdoor swimming pool a huge, dock for fishing, a arcade, mini golf, And 2 parks that children could play on than we got assigned a campground so we put tents and got ready to go fishing I caught 4 fish in a half hour it was time to go back to the tents because it was getting dark we were about to put a fire but we didn't have a fire starter so we went to the neighbors and asked for a fire starter they gave us one and we thanked them and walked away we started the fire and roasted marshmallows and we made s'mores as a family but then raindrops?. ohh no! it started raining we packed our bags put the fire and rushed into the tent about five minutes I already fell asleep the next morning I wake up and thankfully the rain didn't go through the tent we ate breakfast and my brothers wanted to go to the swimming pool and swim so we went swimming the swimming pool