God of War by Nate Ezyk

Born in Second Generation

Ares was the son of Zeus (god of the sky) and Hera (godess of elympos)


He was 1 of 12 olympians because Zeus allowed him to live on Mount Olympus
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Ares had an affair which resulted in eight children with the goddess of love Aphrodite.
Himeros, Pothos, Phobos, Deimos, Harmonia, Eros, Anteros


Ares was the one who influenced the art of warfare, he declared war on anyone who disobeyed the gods. He Also Introduced metal armor to mortal men who fought for the Trojans
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About Ares

Ares was said to be a difficult person to deal with and stubborn, not very popular among mankind. His Symbol was a spear and his sacred animal was a dog.