The Sound of Swag


Dr William A Swag Mastah of the Fifth Batallion

aka Tim Otto


Sound has Swag. And some people get high offa sound. How messed up is that? Like, how do you even do that. I don't know. You know what I do know? Django Unchained was a dang good movie. Alot of action, heck a few more explosions and it would've been a Micheal Bay film. Anywhere, im off topic. I like sound cause of two reasons, it has SWAG, and it doesnt abide by the rules. Its one bad mother.

Job Outlook

Acoustic engineers work in recording and transmitting sound. They work with achitects when opening a new stadium on the location of walls for the sound waves to bounce off of. Mostly, all you'll need is a 4 year education in electrical engineering or a similar field.

With an annual income of about $44,000, whats to lose.