RES Staff Update

December 18-21, 2017

Special Events for This Week

The countdown for Christmas has begun with some very special days ahead:

Monday, December 18: Breakfast prepared by the A-team at 7:45. Our amazing Rockin' Robison Singers will be singing to us at 8:00. All of this is taking place in the library.

It is also Robison Spirit Night at Texas Roadhouse!! Consider this for your dinner & help our school!

Tuesday, December 19: Tamales (from Baldera's) and nachos for lunch.

Wednesday, December 20: Ornament Exchange & Donuts. Bring an ornament (no more than $10) WRAPPED and join in a fun exchange game. We'll meet in the library at 8:00!

Thursday, December 21: A special treat will be in your box to make 2018 bright! This is the day of our holiday parties. Please read more about this below. We will be counting on everyone to make this a SAFE event for our students. Jeans and holiday shirts are fine on this day!

Staff Dress for This Week

Monday-Holiday spirit wear with jeans or professional dress

Tuesday-Team Shirt Tuesday with jeans, holiday spirit wear with jeans or professional dress

Wednesday-Holiday spirit wear with jeans or professional dress

Thursday-Holiday spirit wear with jeans or professional dress

Holiday Parties

To help make this a safe event for our students, please read the information below.

  • Parents will enter through the outside doors leading into the cafeteria (not the front entrance). While they are waiting, we will explain the procedures--checking in and how to sign out their students.
  • The parties are taking place in the art room, music room, gym and outside on the hardtop. You'll need to avoid the hardtop at recess.
  • All grade levels will eat breakfast and lunch in their classrooms! Pick up will be in the library.
  • Parents will follow their students back to the classrooms to sign out their children. AFTER the parent signs out their child (in their homeroom), you will give the child(ren) their transportation card. They must have this to exit, and they will be sent back to get it. If they are sent back, be sure they signed out. This step is critical! Since parents might be picking up their child after a sibling's party, you will have parents stopping by at other times. Please allow them to sign their child out at those times as well.
  • All teachers should stop by the parties to visit with the students, thank the volunteers who are hosting the parties, and to say hello to parents. It is so much fun for our students, and this is the least we can do to show our appreciation for the PTO to be hosting these instead of having the parties in the classroom. You do not need to stay the whole time, but please make sure your students and parents get to see you. Tweet some fun pictures too!
  • While you won't be introducing new material, remember that students must be supervised at all times! This can be a fun day of learning. Be sure there is a plan to avoid the "craziness" that will occur if the students are left to entertain themselves. :)
  • Everyone will have a part in helping out. Please refer to the detailed schedule that will be emailed separately.

Rob the Elf

If you haven't joined in on the fun of looking for Rob each day, you still have a couple more opportunities. The drawing for the day off will be on Thursday morning on the announcements. The last day to find Rob will be on Tuesday so you can be sure that you have your drawing slips turned in on Wednesday. Remember, you must tweet the selfie AND use the hashtag (#robtheelf) in order to receive your ticket each day.

Tickets will be given out Tuesday after school. I will search by using the hashtag. If you did not tweet the post or use #robtheelf, I will not know to give you a ticket. Being in the picture is not enough; you must tweet it yourself. Yes, you may go back and tweet (or retweet) pictures--just be sure you use the correct hashtag. You can check by searching with the hashtag to see if your tweet comes up.

Campus Time Equivalency Day (CTE)

Friday, January 5 is our CTE day. You either earned your hours by attending our CTE day for teachers in August or you've earned your hours since the start of the year. For teachers that completed the ASCD online courses, please be sure to follow the directions that were given for approval. I've only received one teacher's course submission for approval. I will resend the email, but please know this is your responsibility to make sure you are not docked for January 5. If you have any doubt about whether or not you've earned your 7 hours to be off on January 8, you need to take care of this first thing Monday morning (after the breakfast). :)

Perfect Attendance Incentive Winners

For those that earned either a Starbucks or a Sonic drink as their scratch-off ticket prize, I will be picking those up on Tuesday. I will email and verify that I have your order. I do not know who received these prizes unless you turned in your scratch-off ticket. Be sure to turn it in on Monday if you earned one. Starbucks drinks will be delivered just after 9:00, and Sonic drinks will be delivered in the afternoon.

District Attendance Incentive

Once again, the district will be recognizing classroom teachers and campus paraprofessionals with exceptional attendance. Our campus will have one lucky winner of this $1,600 prize! To qualify, eligible employees must have two or fewer absences between August 14 and December 21. Once I receive the list from the district indicating who is eligible, I will share this with everyone so you can verify that you are on the list if you qualify.

Holiday Project

Thank you for all of your efforts with collecting gifts for this project. Many of you took time to shop on your own or to meet your students to shop. If you have pictures of this, I'd love to highlight them in our January Rocket Register. Please email those to me if you have them! Our PTO board will be delivering these to Walker Elementary on Monday morning.
Big image

Holiday Twitter Challenge #RESholidaybingo

Many of you have been participating, and there is still time for others. You do not have to get a blackout to win!! The drawing for the bingo winners will be the week we return. This gives everyone time to get some holiday pictures!

This next challenge is similar to our Summer Selfie Bingo Challenge. This is a Holiday Bingo Challenge. You will receive one drawing slip per bingo (up to 5 bingos) and 6 drawing slips if you get a blackout! When you complete a challenge on the bingo card, you'll need to post a picture (or video) of you completing the task AND a picture of the bingo card with that square marked off. Save the picture below to use in your posts. If you need help with how to mark the card or how to post the picture, there are several staff members that can help--just ask! Have fun with this one!! Be sure to tag your tweets with #RESholidaybingo

See the example below the bingo picture. Thank you, Courtney!

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The master calendar is attached below for your convenience.