Stainless Steel

Suzzanne Klinga

Percentage of Material (range)

Nickel %3.5-22.)

Chromium %16.0-26.0

Carbon %.15-.2

Manganese %5.5-2.0

Silicon %1.0

Nitrogen %.25-0

How it was Invented

Invented by Elwood Haynes in 1911 and patented in 1919 when he wanted to develop a steel alloy that would resist corrosion.

How It's Made Stainless Steel

How it is Manufactured

Usually they recycle old stainless steel, or steel and melt it in a furnace with chrome and nickel. Then move it to a refining furnace while pipes in the refining furnace add argon and oxygen gas to convert some of the impurities into gas. Then its poured out into a long piece of steel, cooled a bit then cut into slabs. Then its reheated and power washed to get dirt that has collected on the surface off and run through rollers to flatten the slab. The still hot slab is then rolled into a coil on a spool. The coiled steel goes through an acid wash to get off access scale on the surface then its left to cool.

Cost Of Stainless Steel

24 gauge


is $110.00

Stainless Steel Purposes

Stainless steel is used as a not corrosive steel for many products including scissors, duct work, and razors.