Get Healthy

It says.......

"The report said most Canadian children spend too much time in front of TV and computer screens; don't get the expert-recommended 90 minutes a day of exercise; eat too much fat and junk food; consume too many sugary drinks and don't eat the recommended five daily servings of fruit and vegetables.”

I say......

I don’t find this shocking, instead I find it a little bit disappointing. Most kids these days spend all their time using technology and they don’t play outside or do any of the things that kids used to do. They’re slowly becoming unhealthier as time goes on. They become unhealthier the more fast food they eat and the more pop they drink, along with not exercising and always using some sort of device, this is one of the unhealthiest ways kids can live. This is expected though, with the way everything runs , starting with the food all the way to how technology is practically taking over our lives. It’s disappointing that kids are becoming obese and are unhealthier, but I think that it’s partially the parents of those children’s faults. They shouldn’t be allowing their children to eat or do whatever they like. The parents should be encouraging their children to go outside and play and not sit in front of the TV all day. They also should be buying healthy food for their children and making sure they eat at least a little bit of food from each of the 5 food groups. The parents aren’t the only ones to blame though because the kids need to take initiative and try their bests to keep themselves healthy. They should be able to do this on their own without too much help from their parents. I do find it sad that most kids are unhealthy these days but their parents and themselves, are the only ones to blame.

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And so.....

This matters because this is something that’s actually happening. It's a growing problem, that is getting worse and will not be fixed until people are aware of it and actually try to fix it. There are multiple things people can try to do in order to solve this problem. One thing is eating healthier and avoiding junk food as much as possible. Eating certain types of food such as fruits and vegetables is healthy for you along with eating the right amount of servings from each food group everyday. Avoiding foods with a large amount of sugar or sodium such as fast food, will also help you create a healthier lifestyle for yourself. Another way to solve the problem of obesity and to make your life healthier is not spending too much time on technology and instead going out to play and enjoying yourself with friends. Constantly being on technology is very unhealthy for you, it can not only help cause obesity but it can also damage your vision and is unhealthy for your body. Instead of spending all your time indoors, going outside and moving around is much more beneficial for your body. Exercising at least 90 minutes a day will also help reduce obesity and will help prevent it in the first place. Exercising can benefit your body in many ways and is a very important part in creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In conclusion, everyone should be aware of this large problem and should try their best to become a healthier person.

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-Omaima 7G