How To Be Safe On The Web

Ways To Be Safe

Ways to be safe

If people are trying to bring you down it only means that you are above them.Take a stand against cyber bullies. Don't be posting nude pictures or emberissing pictures of yourself because later on in the future it can be very hard to get a good job.If you are taking a picture with your friend you should ask them if you can post that picture in the internet.Also you should never cyber bullie if your mad log out of the website your on because if your mad you just start saying things you dont mean to say.Just remember if you post a picture on the web its perment so once you post it; it could be shared copy write and all those things. Cyber bullying has hurt people and taken their lives.The internet has become our world but that is no reason to have so much hate.Think before you type.Cyber bullying can affect the world.
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Middle school student arrested for cyber bullying