Claverage News

By: Lauren Bandy

How-To Meditate

Meditating is a very calm and soothing thing to do when you are angry, stressed out or just want to have some time alone. First, find a quiet place, not exposed to hyper-activity. Find a comfy place to sit. For a comfortable place to sit you may want to invest in a meditation chair. You might want to consider some exercises to begin. Close your eyes. Make no effort to control your breath; breathe naturally. Try to notice the movement of your body as you breathe, think about how your day has been going and what you will do today. Think about peaceful sounds. Here are some examples: birds chirping, crickets chirping, rain softly hitting the roof, and many more. You could even read a book or two while meditating. You may want to try listening to calming music. Meditating in the early morning is better because you are less likely to be disturbed. Enjoy the meditation!

Schooled Book Review

I have just finished a great book by Gordan Korman. Schooled is a very humorous and entertaining book. This book would most likely be suitable for ages 10+. The book, Schooled, is about a boy named Capricorn, (Cap) , who is the hippie type. His grandmother, Rain, got injured and had to go to the hospital. He had been home schooled, but now has to go to a public school, Claverage, and has to adapt to the new world. The publication date is 2007. I give this book a four star rating because it was well written but can be predictable at some times. This book is the Intermediate Winner of the 2010 Young Reader's Choice Awards. Gordan Korman has written many children's books including the series, Swindle. Gordan Korman's message is that anyone can fit in no matter the person, so if this hippie can, than so can you. I really enjoyed this book and I definitely recommend this book.

Cap's Peace Party

Monday, March 16th, 5-7pm

1904 Oak drive Plano,TX

Meditation,Tai-Chi,Tye-Dye, and drinks! Party favors are peace headbands! We will be doing meditation for an hour and then do exciting and fun Tai-Chi. We have a variety of tasty and flavorful drinks and smoothies. Everyone is invited! Please wear exercise clothes.(for Tai-Chi)