Virtual Resume

Rasneet Ghatoura

My Academic Goal!

S - I want to get a 95% in science by the end of the semester.

M - I will finish my science homework and ask for clarification with any questions I have. I can keep a sheet that says all the marks for every test, quiz, and or assignments (labs) and ask the teacher question according to that.

A - I will study for any tests coming up and finish my homework everyday. I can take Counting On You (COY) to help me with some extra help, to understanding what was being in class.

R - It Is doable and realistic because if I do my homework and study for my tests and quizzes then I should be able to get it. I also have extra help with coy, so it might get easier to achieve the mark I want.

T - I want to achieve mark by the end of the semester. That gives me time to achieve it and if I mess up I can improve and get the mark I want back again.

My Volunteering Goal!

S - I want to complete 100 volunteer hours by the time a graduate Louise Arbour Secondary School.

M - The way I can track the hours I have already done is on the volunteer sheet, I can also make a schedule telling me when I need to go and where the location might be, how long I want to volunteer there. All of that can be tracked on the sheet or on a calendar.

A - Some actions I can take is to find out where i can volunteer and if it's something i'm also interested in. I can ask other people or some of my classmate where they have gone to get their hours so I can find places to go to. I can work everyday during the summer/winter/march breaks.

R - This goal is doable because I have already completed 31 hours I'm close to me 40 hours being completed. I have 2 1/2 years left and I need 79 hours i'm pretty sure it can be achievable.

T - I want to achieve 100 volunteer hours by the end of grade 12.


Rasneet Ghatoura

Address: 46 Moldovan Drive Brampton, Ontario L6R-0E4




I am seeking an employer that can give me a job to become a family physician so I can use my skills at work. Using my university/high school skills in this job can be good for the patient and I. I really like helping people, it's just something i'm use to. I am a very hardworking person and I would really appreciate the job opportunity.


University of Toronto

Bachelor of Arts

Toronto, Ontario

September 2018 - September 2022

Louise Arbour Secondary School

Ontario Secondary School Diploma

Brampton, Ontario

September 2014 - June 2018



June 2009 - September 2011


October 2010 - December 2011

Volunteer Experience:

Sikh Temple

Caledon, Ontario

December 2015 - February 2016

Legends MMA

Brampton , Ontario

May 2014 - March 2015

Skills and Abilities:

· Ability to manage and organize information

· Budget and time monitoring

· Decision making skills

· Listening skills

· Reliability

· Teamwork

· Ability to manage and organize information

· Leadership and management

· Ability to problem solve

· Computer skills (list specific programs if you have experience)

· Language skills (mention if you can speak different languages)

· Positive attitude and behaviour

· Sense of responsibility

· Willingness to keep learning

· Interpersonal skills (relates well to others)

· Negotiation skills


Dance Competition

September 2012


Canadian Red Cross Babysitting

November 2011

Honor Rolls

June 2015

Hobbies and Interests:

· Watching movies

· Listening to music

· Drawing

· Reading


Billy, Trainer , Legends MMA, (647) 999-0022,

Ms. Lankin, Teacher,

Challenges & Solutions

Being a Family Physician can come with many difficulties. Most family physicians have a hard time doing many things because of their busy schedule and their constant calls for the job. Other problems that come along the way are coming with the stress that comes with the job. Patients doing things that can harm themselves and can put you under a lot of pressure. These problems are important and need to be addressed to everyone that wants to be a family physician and will agree to these challenges that they may face. Some challenges family physicians face is Prescription drug abuse and overdose, work-life balance, and time management. Problems like these are being faced be many but it get extremely challenging with a doctor. These challenges need to be solved, and I am going to give a supported optioned answer that will get the future physicians a less challenging life.

When family physicians give patients prescription drugs/medicine, they believe that patients will keep it in a safe spot away from younger children, or a place that won’t be mistaken for a different medication. Many patients come to the hospital or their family doctor to check what happened to the baby that took his mom’s pills. It’s stressful for patients that get stressed and the physicians that are put under immediate pressure to help the child. When people take over the recommended amount of pills, then it’s very stressful for some people because they might be more sensitive to certain medications than others (WedMD). In other situations, children from the ages of 0-5 are most likely to have a drug overdose because of careless places the medication was put. Those in their teens-mid 30s probably take an overdose of a medication to get high, and adults with extreme pain may take more than needed. Symptoms people face are some vital signs like their temperature, pulse rate, blood pressure, and respiratory rate can be increased, decreased, or completely absent (WedMD). Some ways to help them is to take them to the doctor/hospital immediately or call poison control. Make a list or take the medication with you and explain how much was in the bottle and how much is missing now, if you think anyone else had taken it. Many people react to the overdose in different ways and it crucial that you take them no matter what signs are shown (WedMD).

Being a family physician can get very hectic and many physicians don’t get to have the work and home life we usually see in the movie. It gets difficult to do work and have to think about how the kids are doing at home if they got what they need. Many physicians have to work more than 40 hours a week some even work 60 hours a week (2013). If they get to have a well amount of sleep they don’t get to have a very relaxing time every day. Some physicians said they would want to go home and have dinner with their family on time. To have control over the work process, to have control over work schedules so they can feel more balanced at work and home. Ways that would be good for many physicians is you can get appointments for a certain amount of time and disagree with anyone that comes a half an hour before the time you should be going home (Drummond).

Continuing on that note, time management is a really important thing, especially for doctors who have a lot of patients. Having a well and organized schedule can make it easier for the physicians with patients waiting to tell the other physicians that you will be late, and to either take care of that patient or to inform them to come a bit later. Patients waiting for their appointments think it takes forever if the physician wastes the patients' time then the patients are going to leave and won't be happy. It's understandable that physicians have early things to finish, or have duties calling during early in the morning, but it's important to have an understanding of having a time schedule so everyone can be happy. Everyone is busy these days and no one wants to be left in the dirt, all they want is to have an appointment. (2012) Ways to actually have a good schedule that is effective is an important thing. Keep reminders on your phone or have a book that has scheduled on whom and when are the patients coming. Make your day schedule in a certain way so you can go home and relax for a while, think about yourself before saying yes to everything; if you can't do it just say no. (2012)

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