CTE- Intro {Tech & Engineering}

What's Going on IN THERE?!!?

Cinch by the Inch!

We practiced standard measurement in some form all this week. (Just to 1/16 of an inch.)
Here's a game to brush up on your measurement skills!

We had our first assembly this week!

Seventh graders practiced their cheers and took their turn sitting on the floor of the gym...as Mr. Keime said- sometimes it feels like one of the only good things about being a seventh grader is that you only have to be one once! ;)

Orthographic Projections

We learned about some basic drafting/engineering communication called orthographic projection. Wanna learn more or did your student not seem to understand? Here is a great interactive overview!


Here is a clip we watched about the role/occupation of an architect- some new perspective and insight for all of us! Watch it HERE.