Katy's Bucket List

April 11, 2014

Here are five places I would love to visit:

1. The Limestone Swirls

These limestone hills were swirled from desert winds in The Black Gap Wildlife Management Area in West Texas. They are formed by physical weathering from the winds.

2. The Baffin Island Waferfall

This waterfall, fed by glacial runoff, resides in Baffin Island, Canada. It is physically weathered by running water.

3. The Bernard Glacier

This "glacier", in Alaska's St. Elias Mountains, is actually a road shaped by many glaciers. This is physical weathering by glaciers.

4. The Grand Canyon

This canyon, located in Arizona is one of the largest canyons in America. It is shaped by the Colorado River and wind. This is physical weathering from running water and wind.

5. Utah Canyon Country

These canyons, located in Utah, are physically weathered from wind and water. Look below for a rope swing you could do here!
World's Most Insane Rope Swing Ever!!! - Canyon Cliff Jump

Thank you for reading!