Lynea Casper

Life is really simple,but we insist on making it complicated

Something I did yesterday

Yesterday I went to a funeral viewing for my cousin's grandmother. She watched me when i grew up and she will be dearly missed. But now she is a guardian angel for my cousin and she is not hurting anymore.

Something I do well

I ride horses really well because I have been riding since I was 4 years old. The first horse I rode was a white horse I don't remember what the horse was named though. Also I rode that horse in a competition and won first place.

Something I learned last week

I learned about a way to relieve stress. By laying on the floor and tensing your muscles and then taking a deep breath then releasing it then letting go. Then you don't just stand up you have to move very slow so tension doesn't go back in your body.

Something I can't live without

My family, because they are their for me when I need them most. Also my family are the ones that take me on vacations. They understand me when nobody else will.

Something I love to watch/listen to

I love to listen to the band IM5 and Pentatonix on Youtube. The band IM5 is not very popular yet , but , they make music and music videos on youtube. Pentatonix is a accapella group that is on youtube and they have gone on at least 2 tours.

Something I dislike

I dislike when people talk about other people behind their back. Its not the right thing to do because if they are your friend they will not trust you. So just don't do it around me.