Weekly Newsletter

Bringing Literature to Life

Dear Parents,

What an exhilarating week we've had with our students. They were exposed to so many books at such a small period of time. Since Monday we have been focusing on the importance of books and how we can use them in and outside the classroom. Our kids can foster their imagination by just looking at the pictures and create their own story based on what they see, learn letters by looking at them, practice their fine-motor skills by passing the pages, and so many important skills.

The Napping House was a complete success on Wednesday's Parade. As I walked through the hallways I could hear and see interested faces asking what character was each child dressed liked. They were so proud of their work and how they looked as we went to the parade route.

It was an incredible week! Check out the pictures and activities they were part of.

The Napping House

By: Audrey Wood

Illustrated by: Don Wood

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Stacking Characters

Sequencing benefits children since it allows them to understand the order of events in their life. In this activity students had to stack the different characters in the story.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

By: Laura Joffe Numeroff

Illustrated by: Felicia Bond

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Chocolate Chip Counting

To practice counting, we had student roll a dice and then count the amount of dots they saw on the top of the dice. They then had to put the chocolate chips in the cookies.

Green Eggs and Ham

By: Dr. Seuss
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Rhyming Words

During Friday's Morning Discussion we watched the Dr. Seuss story "Green Eggs and Ham" and then looked for words that rhyme. This is what we came up with,
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Dr Seuss Green Eggs And Ham

Briniging Literature to Life

PK 3 Rotations

On Wednesday we had the opportunity to go to the other PK 3 classes and learn about the books they are reading by doing different types of activities such as watching a video, hearing a story or using manipulative. Look at what we had did!

PK 3.1

"Fox in Socks"

By: Dr. Seuss

PK 3.2

"The Three Little Pigs"

PK 3.3

"Too Much Glue"

By: Jason Lefebvre


Happy Birthday Mrs. Ana!

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Important Information

Parent Teacher Conference

As of today you are all able to schedule your time for the Parent Teacher Conferences that will take place on April 6-7th. Be aware that the time slots are of 30 minutes periods but they include 5-10 minutes of transition between each meeting. Make sure to sign-in as soon as possible!

On Wednesday April 6th students leave at the regular time and on Thursday April 7th students will not be attending school due to the fact that teachers will be busy meeting with parents.

Easter Break

School will be closed from March 21st-25th due to Easter Break. As a Home-School Connection, we wold like invite you to talk about Pets. You can look at pictures, watch videos, make drawings so they can come and share when we come back from the break.
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Bake Sale

March 31st and April 1st 4th grade students will have a Bake Sale. All money that is raised in this event, will go to Operation Smile. We will send out more details on Monday 28th.
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