Hepatitis B also known as HBV/Serum Hepatitis

How will YOU be infected/affected?

Hepatits B is transmitted through humans by blood and infected body fluids not spreaded through coughing, sneezing etc!

Symptoms Include:

Abdominal Pain


Joint Pain

Weakness and Fatigue

Nausea and Vomiting

Where can this be and how can YOU Prevent it?!?

More about this Virus.

Where Is This Virus Mostly?: Usually HBV is in the countries Asia, Africa, South America, The Pacific Islands, Eastern Europe and Middle East.

What Ethnic Group Is Most Likely to Get it?: Infants who are first born by an

infected mother with HBV. There is no specific ethnic group who are affected, but mainly in the Mid Eastern.

Outbreak and how can we prevent outbreaks?: An Outbreak took on February 2009 through November 2011... SO how can we prevent anymore outbreaks!?!

Prevention and Treatment: Vaccines/ a weakened version of this virus can be put into us, training our body to fight this virus. Treatment includes Antiviral medications and doctors may offer a Liver Transplant.