Advanced Placement Program at SEHS


SEHS AP Calendar

September-November 11th: Join your AP Course(s) or Exam Only section on your My AP College Board account. This is how the AP Coordinator will order your exam.

October-November 11th: Payment Collection Window for AP Exam(s)

November 11th: SEHS deadline to register and pay for your AP Course or Exam Only section

November 12th -March 5th: Late Registration Window. Exam fee plus an additional $40 per exam late fee will be added.

January 15th: Deadline to request testing accommodations from College Board

March 5th: Deadline to sign up for the Calculus AB exam. No late fee is added.

May 2nd-13th: Regular Exam Administration

May 17th-20th: Late Exam Administration

After May 21th: Exam cancellation refunds (Exam fee minus $40) can be requested.

Step 1: Adding Join Code(s) to Your My AP Account

Join Code(s) for SEHS Course(s)

Students who want to register for an AP exam MUST be registered in AP Classroom/ AP Central through College Board. If you do not know the class code, please contact your AP teacher.

Please login to your MyAP account and follow the instructions below to add the code to your account. Many AP teachers use AP classroom for their classroom and using the join code is how the AP Coordinator orders your AP exam.

Join Code(s) for Self Studying Exam(s)

If you taking an EOA (FuelEd) AP course OR are self studying for an AP course please find available courses at the link below. The AP exams listed are the ones we are able to offer this year. You will not have access to AP Classroom for this course.

The deadline to add your exam and pay (details below) was Thursday, November 11th

Step 2: Paying for your AP Exam(s)

Do you think you have an AP Exam Conflict?

If you think you have a schedule conflict with one or more of your AP exams please complete this AP Exam Conflict Google Form.

The most typical reasons for a late exam include:
-Two AP Exams scheduled at the same.
-An AP exam is the same time as an IB exam
-Athletic contest/event
-Academic contest/event
Complete List of College Board approved reasons for late testing can be found here.

You can check the AP Exam Schedule here

The IB Exam Schedule here

Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) Information

If you have been approved previously for College Board (SAT, PSAT) accommodations you will also be able to take AP Exams with College Board–approved accommodations such as extended time and breaks.

If you have not been approved for College Board accommodations but feel like you would like to apply for them, check out the Accommodations on College Board Website and then contact your counselor as soon as you can. The approval process takes several weeks to get a decision so starting early is a good idea.

January 15th: AP Accommodations Request Deadline

Request to Cancel My Exam

If it's after November 12th and you have decided you want to cancel your exam(s) please complete the Request to Cancel Form below. You are eligible to receive a refund of the exam fee minus the $40 cancellation fee. The refunds will be processed after the exam administrations.

Step 3: Preparing for the Exam(s)

AP Daily

What Should you Bring to the Exam(s) Administration?

Check out this website for the list of what you should and shouldn't bring to your exam administration. We ask that you arrive 30 minutes prior to your exam start time.

Exam Administration Times and Locations

The exam administration scheduled can be found here. We are not offering all of the possible AP exams but you will find the schedule for your exam.

Locations of each exam are still being determined. We will post the location as soon as we know.

Please let me know if you have any questions at all.

Shantel Buss

SEHS Counselor & AP Coordinator