Financial Litercay Project


The occupation I chose was Visual Artist, which gets a payment of 4251.75 a month. the degrees I would need for this are: : Associate degree in Graphic Design, Bachelor's or Master's degree in Photography, Advertising, Art Therapy, Architecture and Drafting, Museum Management, Jewelry, Commercial Art, Technical Illustration, Floral Design, Web Design and Graphic Design, Bachelor's degree in Art Education or Master's degree in Education, Teaching certification with concentration in Art, or a Ph.D. in Art History


The following list shows my total budgets

Monthly Income (Paycheck) $4,251.75

Mortgage Payment Fixed Amount $1,323

Car Payment Fixed Amount $1,249.75

Student Loan Payment Fixed Amount $644.44

Utilities 8% $340.14

Food 14% $595.25

Insurance 4% $170.07

Gas 5% $212.59

Cell Phone 6% $ 255.11

Clothing 4% $ 170.07

Entertainment 8% $ 340.14

Savings 10% $425.18


My largest learning experience was that I am paying all of my school tuitions so I have no freaking loans to pay post college. Also that this was fairly easy overall once I got help. Except for loans. God loans, those freaking loans.

The adjustments I had to make were my car choice, because the car I wanted to get was overpriced.

My ideas of adulthood have stayed the same in every way. I thought it was going to be very hard, and from this assignment that was supposed to replicate a "slice of adulthood", it hasn't changed.