The Longmore Learners

Week of February 16th

This Week In Math

We have started Topic 11. We will continue with this topic through this week. If your student is struggling with factors and multiples, please let me know. They need a solid base to this.

Field Trip - Jefferson City

We will be heading to Jefferson City this year on Thursday, April 7th. Field trip permission slips went home last week. Please fill them out and return them. The cost of the field trip is $17.00/student. If you are selected to chaperone, it will be an additional $18.00 for the adult. We will be able to take 4 parent chaperones with us. Please indicate on the field trip permission slip form if you are interested and you are a cleared volunteer.

This Week In ELA

We will continue with our The Lightning Thief read aloud. They will start understanding the Hero's Quest genre, which will tie in with their writing in Unit 5. We mostly be reading this week from Lightning Thief. In addition, we will be starting Unit 5 - Mythology.

There is no Science or Social Studies in this Unit, but we will spend a little time completing the information about the Regions.

We started our mini-lessons this week for our fiction writing assignment that will be due at the end of the quarter. I was lucky enough to have Mrs. Brenner come and help me with these lessons. She has put an air of excitement to the writing process, that I was struggling to maintain. AND she is extremely knowledgeable about teaching writing. I am excited to have her back this week too.
In addition, I was able to grade all the natural disaster papers this weekend, so they will be coming home this week. In addition, they are hanging on the wall outside my classroom for anyone to take a look. They put a lot of work into them, and it shows.

Small Reading Groups

We have started a fiction unit again in our small reading groups. I believe we will be working in these units for about 2-3 weeks. Please help your student stay on track with his/her reading and getting assignments done in time. They will be given a packet with a calendar and the assignments. We are struggling to keep up with the calendar that I have provided, so there might be some changes. Please remind your student to come to the table with their reading assignment completed. If they do not have time in class, it is considered homework.

Purple: Chocolate Touch
Red: Bunnicula
Orange: Brain's Winter
Blue: Flying Solo
Neon Green: Half Upon a Time

Spelling Week 22

Prefix: mis-/ex-

ex- is a Latin prefix meaning "out, from"
mis- is a Middle English prefix meaning "wrong, bad"

mispronounce, mistrusted, misplacement, unmistaken, miscalculate, extremely, extinguish, exterior, extravagant, exhibit

Weekly Calendar

Monday, February 15th
President's Day - No School

Tuesday, February 16th
Day 2 - Gym

Wednesday, February 17th
Day 3 - Music, don't forget your recorder and binder
Math Practice 11-4 dye

Thursday, February 18th
Day 1 - Art
Math Practice 11-5

Friday, February 19th

Day 2 - Gym
Math Practice 11-6 due
Dictation Sentences today
Update Data Binders
Kid's Rights Presentation

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