Mrs. Faccio's 1st Grade Newsletter

January 8, 2016

What's Up in the Classroom?

Writing - This week we got back to our informational writing. We focused everyday on the writing checklist to remind students of what they should be including in their writing. Having a lead to grab their readers attention or introduce the topic, using details to describe steps or facts and adding an ending to tell their reader they are done were three of the top things we focused on!

Reading - We've been revisiting reading center expectations all week and learning new centers such as "big book" and "learning games." We've also focused on new sites at our listening center. Pebblego and National Geographic were two that we visited. It was really nice because many students then used the information they learned at the listening center in their writing. If you have time, check them out!!

Spelling - Don't forget to practice the spelling words that come home each Monday!! They are in your child's reading book bag and are your copy to use at home. I have copies for the kids at school. Also, if your child wants to practice on the computer, they can go to and search for their list. It's really easy: All you need to do is hit search, teachers, Stephanie Faccio and up will pop my name. You just click on it and the lists will come up. The students do this in school at one of our reading centers so they are very familiar with it. :)

Math - We are almost done with our 4th unit of math. We've been doing a lot of story problems involving addition and subtraction. We've also been doing a lot of work with groups of 10. We make groups of 10 and then add on. I will be starting an individual assessment for each child next week. It is a fluency test for math facts. Students will have 3 seconds to correctly tell the answer for a variety of facts from 0-10. They will not be permitted to use their fingers. Once I am done, I will send home flashcards for the facts your child does not yet know.

Teamwork in P.E.

Running Records

I spent some time this week completing running records with the students. I am just about done but will have to get a couple of kids next week. So, if you noticed that your child's books have all of the sudden jumped up in level, you're right! They've grown sooooo much. I'm really proud of the progress they are making. Please keep reading at night with your child. It has a HUGE impact on their reading!

Dash for Cash

Students brought home a "Dash for Cash" fundraising event form today. This is a Green Bay Gamblers game for the 23rd of January. Three dollars of every ticket purchased will be donated to Forest Glen. There are $2 jumbo hot dogs and $1 sodas too. Also, I'll be part of the half time entertainment. I'll be running onto the ice at half time to stuff my pockets with cash. All of the money will be used for books for our classroom library. So, if you are looking for something fun to do with your kids, this may be the event for you. Puck drops at 7:05!!