Seasons Project!

By Hayley Verhoev p-7

Question Answers:

  1. Earth’s rotation

  2. It takes 24 hours for 1 rotation.

  3. It takes 365.25 for 1 revolution around the sun.

  4. The earth’s tilt and Earth’s revolution.

  5. They are opposite seasons from each other.

  6. The equator because the Earth’s axis isn’t facing the sun.

  7. In summer we have longer days and winter is shorter days.

  8. Winter solstices is December 21st, summer solstices is June 21st.

  9. Spring equinoxes is March 21st, fall equinoxes is September 21st.

  10. The sun is visible for more than 24 hours, because the tilt of Earth’s axis.

  11. They are about 12 hours a day because of little sunlight.

  12. We wouldn’t have seasons it would stay the same.

  13. The seasons would be affected; summer and winter would be longer and more extreme. Also there would be extreme atmospheric changed.

  14. I think El Niño would have something to do with the seasons because sometimes it can be really strong or weak.

  15. It would be a lot warmer than normal.

  16. The shadows change because of the tilt of Earth’s axis. When we are in the summer tilt, your shadow is shorter because the Earth is tilted toward the Sun. In winter, the Earth is tilted away from the Sun and your shadow is longer.

  17. Plants know because they measure the amount of darkness in a 24 hour period, also they measure how much cold they received that day. Animals know by the climate changes (ex: leaves falling, more rainfall etc.)

  18. We would have shorter day and night and the seasons would go by faster.

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