Getting ready for Canvas

Canvas is coming, Canvas is coming.....

Whether we like it or not, we have to be ready with the new LMS next fall 2017. Make sure at this point you have done the following:
  • Accept the course invitation sent from Canvas to log you into the New Student Orientation.
  • You make up your own password.
  • Do the four assignments in this class. This will take you twenty minutes and I will grade these using the audio comment feature. It is important that we all have an abbreviated "student experience" with this new system.

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Then be sure you have been enrolled in Music Appreciation to see a full-blown course. You don't need to do any assignments in this. Just look around. If you have not received that course invitation, e-mail me.

Very little came over when this class was migrated over from eCollege. In other words, I had to start from scratch. This took me around 25 hours. This gives you an idea of what you are looking at for this transition.
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Take note!

As you look around in this course, notice the Modules tab on the left.....
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Notice that the Modules tab on the left mirrors what was in eCollege in the left-side navigation. This is very important to understand how this platform is structured. Modules=eCollege left-side navigation.
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There is no way around it. This process will be slow and sometimes frustrating. In the next couple of weeks you should be getting notice that your existing course has been migrated over into Canvas. The only thing that came out of eCollege for me were tests and quizzes. But that was at least something. One less thing to reproduce. The Canvas help desk starts the first of October. However, I have already used the e-mail tool in "Help." They replied to me in just a couple of hours with actual answers - a big improvement over our current eCollege help desk.

Help can also be found (maybe) in the black hole that is Canvas Guides. This is a LOT of info:
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Home Page

We'd like everyone to create a personal home page. Watch this 4-minute video for a quick overview. Our goal is for everyone to have their home page and first unit done by Christmas.
How to create and set a Home Page in Canvas
Let me know if you have questions.