Computer Systems

Parts of a Computer

Parts of a Computer

There are different parts of a computer but the main parts are the Input, Process and Output devices. There are other parts like the Mother board, the CPU and Hard drives. there are many more systems of a computer.


RAM is a part of the computer storage system . The RAM is also short term data or storage and it stand for Random Access Memory . The computer storage is run by this.

Optical Drive

The optical disk drive is like the hard drive but it has laser lights or electromagnetic waves to read data or writing data.


A monitor is a out put system as it shows you things which means its been put in by a input device then its been processed then it shows you something.

Input system

the Input system is a hardware device. It is also called a peripheral which is a piece of the computer system. It send information to the processor. Some of the input system are mousse, keyboards and cameras.


The process stage comes before the out put and after the in put. Its the main part and it stores everything on it ready for it to be a out put.


An output system is a hardware which shows you something after its been processed. Some output devices are printers, monitors and headphones , projector.